Ekaterina Klimova defended the younger daughter from a huge dog

Екатерина Климова защитила младшую дочь от огромного пса In the dangerous moment, the actress has shut the heiress herself. Ekaterina Klimova shared in his video, which depicted as a pet named Arthur almost attacked the two year old Bella. The star ran the dog across the path, and then severely reprimanded him for his misconduct.

Actress Ekaterina Klimova shared with subscribers of his microblog nice home video. In these summer weekends star and her husband Gela Meskhi took his house guests, longtime friends of Ekaterina Klimova, who maintains a relationship with them from school.

Classmates had a great time visiting the famous family. At some point, three adult women, daughter Ekaterina Klimova Bella and the husband of the actress went for a walk. Ladies went ahead and Gela bit in the back, filming the video promenade school friends. Accompanied the procession of the pet star of the family, a huge dog named Arthur.

At some point, the dog ran to the youngest member of a group of friends two-year-old heiress Ekaterina Klimova Bella. However, my mother reacted instantly.

“Arthur! sternly she shouted at the dog. – Well, do you have to go here”.

At the same time Klimov rushed to intercept the dog, forming a daughter from him. It is worth noting that this home video famous actress does not look like a star. Ekaterina Klimova, very simply dressed – jeans, t-shirt, comfortable ugg boots and warm cardigan, more like a Terry cloth robe. Fans of the actress said that love her because she is not afraid to be natural.

“So nice to see simple, home, life, not just magazine covers”, “what a dog! Giant!”, “You are super, warm, good video! Daughter is just lovely. From you comes the warmth, and the world becomes more beautiful”, “You are just gorgeous! So all at home! Belocca angel! Arturchik cool”, “the Mummy, good, immediately came to the defense of the baby from the dog!” – members share their impressions of the home video Klimova and Meskhi.

We will remind, the daughter of Catherine Klimova and Gela Meskhi Bella was born at the end of September 2015. The baby is the first joint child of the star couple. Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi showed daughter live

In addition to the two girls, the couple has three children Klimova from previous marriages – Lisa, Matthew and Corneille. The eldest daughter is already 15 years old, and a girl even thinks about his future family. “I’m still not very far from the age when girls play with dolls, therefore unlikely to discuss this topic seriously. Of course, when you grow up in a large family, become less selfish, tolerant and hardy, so now I understand that ideally the family should have at least two children,” said Lisa in an interview.