“Parted” amber heard and Elon musk caught kissing

«Расставшихся» Эмбер Херд и Илона Маска подловили целующимися
The couple was completely confused his fans.

Elon Musk and amber heard


The other day amber heard and Elon Musk, announced that
they decided to leave, a little over a week ago, is extremely puzzled by their
fans. The fact that reporters were able to “catch” the alleged former
lovers kissing!

This was announced by the Australian MTV,
putting, the source of your information: unexpected witness Dating
Hurd and the Mask was journalist Sally Coates. She said that suddenly
faced with amber and Elon when they were peacefully having Breakfast at 7 am in the very popular
in Australia, where now the actress is starring in the new film by Breakfast in Bread. The couple cooed gently absorbing the local speciality
buns. And then, to the extreme astonishment of Sally and started to kiss me. Besides,
on completion of the meal, Musk and ex-wife of johnny Depp went off arm in arm!

After the appearance of this information, many doubted
that Elon and amber, which until recently were going to get married,
do more together. But in fact, statements that both
did when announced about his separation, suggests possible
reunion. Musk wrote on his page on the social network: “amber really decided
to leave. But we not only remained friends, we still love each other.
Our relationship interfere with what we, both being very busy with their own Affairs with people
trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. But, the situation may well still
to change in the future…” But no one, of course, didn’t expect the reunion of “sweet
couple” can happen so fast! Recall that Musk and heard started
to meet about a year ago.