Ivan Zhidkov health risks of a pregnant lady

Иван Жидков рискует здоровьем беременной избранницы The actor and his fiancee went on a long car ride. The couple plans to drive a few thousand kilometers. Ivan Zhidkov has decided to take his beloved, which is at a decent time waiting for the kid to Sochi. The expectant mother will need to undergo a complex road and mountain serpentines.

Actor Ivan Zhidkov, as you know, will soon become a dad. Beloved young man Liliya Solovyova is quite impressive in the pregnancy. The expectant mother has even left work and went on maternity leave. That’s just to sit in the summer house of a friendly couple not going.

Ivan Zhidkov has informed in the microblog that he and his girlfriend took a spontaneous decision to go for a few days in Sochi. As vehicles parents chose the vehicle. Ivan Zhidkov gave beloved luxury car

“Well, as usual, waking up and realizing the coming ten days off, we decided to go to Sochi on the car” – said followers Ivan Zhidkov.

Apparently, Lilia Solovieva perfectly carries the pregnancy shortly before delivery time, decided on such a risky condition for its journey. The couple plans to cover a distance of two thousand kilometers and it is only in one direction. Plus, this road is not easy, the track is now overloaded. And at the entrance to Sochi will need to overcome in serpentine.

Followers of Ivan Zhidkova considered it his duty to warn him about the difficulties that await him on the way to the sea. “Good luck! The path is not close. Themselves on a car is experienced,” “have a Good trip! I hope the weather will not fail you!”, “Well, then, prepare to stand in traffic jams! Welcome!”, “Vanch, will be on the border region of Rostov, write, we will escort to Krasnodar Krai escort”, “From Rugby to Sochi better at night. There day tube transitions from tourists to the sea”, to share their experience followers Ivan Zhidkova.

We will remind, the actor has found new love after the divorce with his wife and mother of his adorable daughter Masha Tatyana Arntgolts. Last year the young man met a girl nine years younger than herself. As recognized by couple, they moved in together just a month after Dating. Darling Ivan Zhidkova Liliya Solovyova managed well to get along with his daughter Masha.

The girl often spends time with the new father’s family. All three feel great in each other’s company. It proves photos and videos that Ivan Zhidkov and Lilia Solovieva publish in their microblogs. By the way, the choice of the actor thinks Masha is his daughter and not just talked about it in their posts.