Екатерина Андреева ответила на слухи об увольнении из программы «Время» The presenter reassured fans. On the eve of the Network appeared information about the fact that Catherine supposedly leaving the popular transmission of the First channel. Fans of the stars began to question her on social networks, whether it’s true.

On Monday night, the network appeared the information that Ekaterina Andreeva supposedly leaving the popular transmission of the First channel “Time”. Instead, the broadcast will go out Kirill Kleimenov. Fans Andreeva was excited by the news of her alleged dismissal, but employees of the First channel reassured them.

“The launch of new complex technology has taken the chief news of the First channel Kirill Kleimenov, he will conduct the first issues of “Time” in the European “orbit”. Catherine Andreyev and Vitaliy Yeliseyev will test a new Studio in the broadcast in other time zones, and will also be broadcast with the Saturday editions of “Time” in all areas of the First channel,” – said the press service.

Many fans of Catherine began to ask, what happened in the comments to the posts in her microblog. Unable to withstand the onslaught, Andreev gave an evasive answer.

“My time to end: from the Volga to the Yenisey and I’m taking “Time” for the whole country. And Moscow, as you know, is not the whole Russia. All Russia much more than Moscow”, – said the star.

Apparently, Andreeva will really be news releases, which will be broadcasted in other time zones.

By the way, talking about the fact that Andreev leaves the First channel are not new. The TV Presenter tries not to pay attention to such rumors.

“It’s some kind of order when you want to destabilize, unsettle. All began to call: “Oh, Katya, what happened?” I want to convey to those who worked on this, that I absolutely on the drum. I have a job, I do. If there is no tomorrow, do something else. And no tragedy. Do not respond to such things – in this case, I tank with armor,” said Anderea “StarHit”.

Ekaterina Andreeva: “In our family the husband is neat, and I’m a mess”

For millions of viewers Ekaterina Andreeva has long been a symbol of “Time”. She has worked as a presenter since 1997. Fans never tire of noting that the star hasn’t changed over the years. Catherine tries to eat right, engaged in meditation, and caring for skin, to maintain such a youthful appearance.