Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” openly talked about the novels on set and in life. At different times, Maxim Averin worked with Maria Kulikova and Victoria Tarasova. The artist attributed Hobbies many partners.
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви»

Maxim Averin doesn’t share work and leisure. Not had time to finish the sixth season of “Sklifosovsky” on the channel “Russia 1”, and on February 20, the artist is already another premiere – the play “There, then” in the Theater named Yermolova. The role of the partner of a ladies ‘ man performs a familiar audience for the series on the doctors of Anna Yakunina. The pair managed to intrigue the audience, starring in a candid photoshoot for Billboard production. Meanwhile personal life Averina many years remains a mystery. But for the “StarHit” Maxim lifts the veil of secrecy, calling the names of the women, occupying an important place in his life.

Maxim, you’ve been friends with Anna Yakunina… What was it like playing lovers?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» We communicate nearly 20 years. Starred in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”, “Partner”. Reading the script of the play “There, then”, a bit tensed and began to ask each other children’s questions: “And we have to kiss? How so?” However, quickly took himself in hand and became immersed in the role. Of course, the premiere is very exciting. See how Anna is nervous. But the presence of women makes me strong. Understand that you are responsible for her too.—
Who came up with the poster?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» We have a common Director – Nikolay Kornev. In fact, he invited the famous photographer Catherine Christmas to make the shot. Kate said: “Averin, I seal you in bed!” We first agreed, and then began to doubt: maybe it’s better in clothes? In the end we with Anya stripped, put to bed, and in 20 minutes everything was ready. A woman who was under the blanket, knows me well. The lady who was taking pictures, too, knew what it takes. In General, top and bottom all came together perfectly.
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви»
By the way, remember how you met Anya?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» We met before the collapse of the Soviet Union in the cinema House. Then this place was a cultural Mecca, which was dominated by a special atmosphere. There was about actors, showed unusual films such as “assy”, and I studied skills at a local Studio. One night came Anya. Later we encountered again when we both served in the theater “Satyricon”. Her wonderful husband, Alex, two beautiful girls. Adore to travel together. Traveled all over Italy, a lot of time was in Montenegro. Compatriots all the time had to listen to our laughter. The NUS is still the same clown. Usually swim on the deep blue sea and begin to laugh wildly. One day, returning to shore, he heard a conversation between two women. Another one: “Well, what are you afraid of? Come to the water… come on, look, with us, doctor!” And nyusya very nice drinks. I remember sitting in an Italian cafe on the table – misted bubble, from which the friend a little, sipping a little white. “You’re so good doing this that I also want” – I could not resist. Joke that Anya began to drink vodka. —
In the performance the characters meet at the hotel, spend the night, and novel is delayed for a quarter of a century… You believe in such stories?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» A strange relationship helps the heroes to save their own marriages. Every time they are convinced that their real life is beautiful. Both walkers left. I play a family man who used to listen to his wife. But when he meets Stella, he’s like the floodgates open, and there the air, and he greedily swallows it. More to say: I too had a similar relationship, which, in fact, and saved… —
And that you love now?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» I think it is a necessity in man. No idea how you Wake up in the morning and nobody was around. Of course, in my life, love is present. But I’m greedy and don’t want to share with anyone.—
Have you ever had to deal with unrequited feelings?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Yes, in such moments, I went crazy.—
Maria Kulikova, Viktoria Tarasova… With many partners you attributed relationship. But in reality, though hints were?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» I will say this: when you are working, no time for romance… I have only dated one actress, but her now husband, children. Two people with the same profession it is difficult to coexist every day to discuss the same things. As for partnerships on the screen, the stage, it’s more like a rivalry in the best sense of the word. When difficult, is always interesting.
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви»
Who was difficult?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Since childhood wanted to play with Elena Yakovleva. When I was 14 years old, begged his father, who worked as artist-decorator at “Mosfilm”, take on the shooting, which took place on the Old Arbat. And there she was – Lena, star. I put on my coat in the Christmas tree and thought that was the coolest. Dad introduced me to her: “This is my son, wants to be an artist and loves you.” Excitement began to ask stupid questions, and Yakovlev proposed to simply drink tea. Years pass, and suddenly she starred in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”. I was so worried that once again uttered some nonsense, and then we had microconflicts. Lena somehow not quite right it interpretirovat. Supposedly I complained: why she doesn’t like me? But there was another said: “Elena, what kind of dance you need to do in order that you at me at least pay attention?” I realized later that it is through such situation, it builds and roles. On the screen it looked cool – this is chemistry! —
Maxim, you have a mad schedule, but did not say. Fresh complexion, trim figure… Admit what you’re doing?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Nothing special! I’m just a normal man. Try to stay in shape, not to fret. Honestly, never in my life been at the beautician, and the best SPA for me – the rest of the sea. Recently returned from the Seychelles, where you just lay and watched the Indian ocean. This is real relaxation. Go to the gym mood. The last time was six months ago, there is almost no time. In General, love in the bath warm up and in the hole can plunge. —
Because you have daddy walrus!
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Dad is really a sports man and active. He’s 75 years old, and he still daily runs for 10 kilometers and is engaged in winter swimming. By the way, when we with my big brother gene was young, kept him company while Jogging in the Park. He once said, “Weak in the hole?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I undressed, had already raised his leg, but dad stopped, “Well, everything is clear: the character is. Further it is not necessary”. —
Visit him often?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» He himself can perfectly walk. Over the years, our relations have become warmer. But with Gena less we communicate.—
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» We are very different, although in my childhood my brother was Babysitting me and was an authority. He is older than five years, we have different fathers. Mom left for work and at home is happening… Almost threw knives at each other – in jest, of course. And now everyone has their own life. Genes have a wife, two children.
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви»
Go to your shows?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» No, they don’t like theatre. The eldest niece, Pauline, 18 years old, enrolled in medical school, but it has nothing to do with “V. Sklifosovsky”, God forbid! With my brother and his family supported normal family relationship. Just before link was a mother, and last spring she was gone…—
Thought to create a performance in her honor?
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Everything I do is dedicated to her. My brother and I were bathed in mother’s love. She often wondered: “What will happen to the boys when I’m gone?” So we Gena raised independent and responsible. At the age of five I was put on a train in one city and the other accepted. Let go, because he knew everything will be okay. Before school he ironed pleats. When he wanted to become an artist, no one not in my mouth looked down and said “Son, get up on the chair, read the poem”. Took dad to the shooting, where I saw the gravity of the profession. —
The sense of taste passed down to you from your mom? She’s made…
Максим Аверин: «Я сходил с ума от невзаимной любви» Yes, it is innate. Never wear something that is not liked. And repairs in the apartment did not look back to fashion. The designer started from my lifestyle. In the interior pastel colors prevail, as bright light is enough for the site.—
Struck a fact from the biography of your mother. She definitely lived without one lung?
Yes, she was born after the war – in 1952. Moscow only rebuild, many people huddled in the cellars and was often ill with tuberculosis. Mom was a strong person, almost never complained about the bitter fate. However, a few times still saw her tears, and it seemed to be the worst. But more often it is to generate energy: moving furniture in our apartment and gave advice useful to any psychologist. For me this is the best time. Yes, there is a two bedroom apartment, but the meters don’t add happiness.