Екатерина Андреева пропала из программы "Время"
Recently, representatives of the First channel reported that the program “Time” will be shot in the new Studio, which is equipped with the most advanced equipment.

Екатерина Андреева пропала из программы "Время"

On the eve of the broadcast program came not Ekaterina Andreeva, as used by the audience, and Kirill Kleymenov. Began to circulate rumors about the departure of the presenter with the First channel.

Екатерина Андреева пропала из программы "Время"

“The launch of new complex technology has taken the chief news of the First channel Kirill Kleimenov, he will conduct the first issues of “Time” in the European “orbit”. Catherine Andreyev and Vitaliy Yeliseyev will test a new Studio in the broadcast in other time zones, and will also be broadcast with the Saturday editions of “Time” in all areas of First channel”, — explained the press service of the channel.

We will remind that the program “Time” is one of the most popular gear, and Catherine takes her for over 20 years.

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