Екатерина Андреева требует повышения зарплаты The presenter addressed the letter to Santa Claus with issues that concern not only her. Ekaterina Andreeva asked the wizard to improve the situation in the country and wished the people to really look at things.

“Dear Grandfather Frost! Or not expensive? Well it all depends on the price request. So my dearest! So, and Mr. D. M. I need a savvy, smart, and most importantly – sober!

And something else, something beguiled, Buh-bye then your desires in the wide world. Why it took me so exclusive? Yes, because I don’t need gold, diamonds, cars, apartments, watches, dresses. I only ask for the happiness of all our people, health for them, their good desires cherished, the increase of salaries and pensions (very hard to be fulfilled desire). Hey, the financiers, the bankers, the politicians, let’s start, finally, to work efficiently, so the economy of the richest countries became supportive of its citizens and receive a pension would be nice, but not with tears in his eyes.

Simple desires I have. Mundane, you might say, but if this trifle, D. M. at least 70% of their run – happy people will be more. And no happy people no happy country! NG all my favorite Russians. And the main wish – be realistic and seek the impossible!”