Лера Кудрявцева о криминальном прошлом, умершем отце и муже-аферисте Leading “Secret” one million was the guest own program. Lera Kudryavtseva answered tricky questions of the star friends. The young woman revealed the cause of the breakup with former spouses and a recipe for a lasting relationship with your current lover.
Лера Кудрявцева о криминальном прошлом, умершем отце и муже-аферисте

Lera Kudryavtseva not often spoils fans of revelations. The presenter prefers to ask the tough questions other stars, and she delicately avoided the topic of his personal life in interviews. However, for the Christmas edition of “the Secret” one million, she made an exception. The young woman revealed the cause of the breakup with former lovers and once again admitted feelings for the current partner a hockey player Igor Makarov.

According to the young woman, her first marriage was for love. However, at 18, the future star was not ready for family life.

“My husband, Serge insisted that I had a baby. Of course, I was terrified. Still 18 years old, and then baby. Moved into the suburbs. Nothing was his, even the pillows. He played in the group “Tender may”. Once I started to come his mistress from St. Petersburg and to describe in detail how they have sex. I was in the sixth month of pregnancy. Then one day I met them together, understood everything and moved out to her sister,” recalled Kudryavtseva.
Лера Кудрявцева о криминальном прошлом, умершем отце и муже-аферисте

In 2004, the star remarried, but this Union did not last long. According to Lera, her second husband turned out to be a swindler. Man still needs the sister Kudryavtseva 300 thousand dollars. Now the presenter does not even know where her ex-lover.

But the hockey player Igor Makarov, the star speaks exclusively positive. The couple married six years, but not tired to admit each other’s tender feelings. Now the athlete is playing in Ufa for the local team, so the weekly TV host flies to him.

Лера Кудрявцева о криминальном прошлом, умершем отце и муже-аферисте“Of course, the old romance in the relationship anymore. We have been together for many years, it leaves its mark. But I love my husband, he is very kind, caring person. Of course, quarrels meet. The important thing is that my son accepted it. Of course, dad, he does not call. It would be a complete nonsense. The son is communicating with his father, and Igor and they’re just friends,” shared Valerie.

The sole heir of the presenter is now 27 years old. Kudryavtseva said that for many years he met a girl, so a celebrity hopes for the impending wedding of his son. According to Lera, she will be a wonderful mother-in-law, after all, perfectly communicates with the beloved Jean.

In life the presenter was another favorite man — her father Leo. He died about ten years ago, and Kudryavtseva is still hard to think about it.

“I was always a daddy’s girl. We went together for hunting, fishing, met very often. Before he died, dad said he’d kill anyone who might hurt me. Then I thought it was stupid, because I can stand up for themselves. And now I wish he protected me”, – hardly constraining tears, admitted the TV presenter.

Lera remembered about the most terrible moments of his life. So, one day a young woman was kidnapped by criminals who wanted to steal her car. Then Kudryavtseva nearly lost his life and was able to avoid the worst only by your own judgment.

“I hit something on the head. Woke up in the backseat and realized that we were going somewhere out of town. Then began to say to those men that are willing to give it to them, if only they didn’t hurt me. They opened the door for literally three seconds, threw me into the snow and left. I barefoot walked through the woods until they came to the track. There is a kind young man helped me, was taken to the police station. This, of course, was stressed. I then a few months went to a psychologist,” recalled Kudryavtsev about those events.

Now the presenter feels absolutely happy. She wished all the audience success in the coming year and promised that in 2018, they expect even more interesting stories in the program.