Щедрый Дед Мороз: Подарки Яны Рудковской вызвали скандал в Сети
Socialite justified before subscribers.

Sasha Plushenko

Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial Instagram

Yana Rudkovskaya often shows the Network elements of their luxurious life. The desire to “show off” in front of the users of the Network once again become a cause of scandal. Jan showed fans that she gave business partners in anticipation of the New year.

In his microblog she posted a photo, which captured Sasha son surrounded by a large number of branded bags famous brand. Fans appreciated the gifts Yana in a few thousand dollars, not to mention the cost of the festive design of the house based on the Nutcracker. But this is only part of the gifts! This does not include personal gifts, which Rudkovskaya will share with the family on Christmas night. To Jan for the picture rudely criticized, because social networks are full of reports about the request to help sick children or homes for the elderly. Against this background, gifts Rudkovskaya look like “a feast during the plague”.

Ian drew attention to the attacks of the readers of his blog and said that quite a lot of money and effort is spent on charity, and has the full right to live as she likes. She was sure that haters need to work more, then maybe they would have achieved the same success. “Let them work part time, like me, six months without days off and checkpoints! With the risks in the fierce competition, at the expense of your nerves and health. And let earn respect from companies and friends. That will be with them for the New year. — wrote Rudkovskaya. The poor and the state should help, and I help sick children. I believe that this is my duty!” Rudkovskaya recalled that actively cooperates with the Fund of Elena Perminova.