Ekaterina Andreeva has found an alternative to blame

Екатерина Андреева нашла альтернативу вину
The presenter told us about the secrets of her youth and beauty.

Ekaterina Andreeva

Photo: Elena Sukhova

“We advise everyone to drink water, not red,” wrote
in his Instagram Ekaterina Andreeva, referring to the wine. The presenter always promoted
a healthy lifestyle, talked about the benefits of vegetables, water and cereals. It seems that
leading the program “Time” could write a book on beauty secrets:
Catherine willingly reveals to fans of the mystery to care for themselves. This
once Andreeva has shared the secret of his
harmony: every day she is drinking hydrogen water, which in addition displays
toxins, good for the metabolism.

By the way, for the skin Andreeva as the whole body is monitored carefully. 55-year-old TV presenter said that it
always remain shining thanks to the procedures of acupuncture. Andreeva
published a video in which she is depicted with 300 stuck in it

“This is our doctor Igor Nikolayevich response to all the bullshit about
plastic, Botox and other things — Frank told Catherine. My 300 needles
as the 300 Spartans — guard my face from just talking about lying. The doctor defended
my skin and muscles. In our case, everything is alive, tea is not Sparta, 491 years before
BC, and in Russia and Chinese secrets know. The technique of the author,
patented, and to repeat it, no one can, but try to Snitch could
“. Also, the presenter tries to relax, for example, she goes to bed early
to sleep. “A rare occasion that I was awake after 12 midnight. Usually I’m home
about half past ten in the evening. And the three of us — me, my husband and daughter do
tai Chi Chuan or yoga. And then go to bed. And
six to eight in the morning Wake up,” concluded Catherine.