Andrey Malakhov can get “taffy” and “Let them talk”, and “live”

Андрей Малахов может получить «ТЭФИ» и за «Пусть говорят», и за «Прямой эфир»
List of nominees for the prestigious award full of surprises.

Андрей Малахов может получить «ТЭФИ» и за «Пусть говорят», и за «Прямой эфир»

Andrey Malakhov

Photo: the First channel

The ceremony of “taffy-2017”, which will be held in Moscow on 3 October
already made history even before the announcement of the winners. After all, the award should
it was held in June, but just a few days before the celebration
there was an official communication about the postponement of the date. Without explanation…

Anna Banshchikova nominated for the award “TEFI”

Meanwhile, over the summer in telegrpah had been so
changes that some of the nominations raises many questions. As for “taffy”
sum up last season, who should receive the award in
the category “entertainment talk show Prime-time”, if the winner will be
the program “Let them talk”? Andrey Malakhov or Dmitry Borisov, who is in charge of the talk show just a month? Borisov thus nominated to “TEFI” as a leading news program “Evening

Similar confusion can occur during the award ceremony
in the nomination “the Daytime talk show” where you are in the program “live”. In whose
hands the statue — Boris Korchevnikov or all of Andrei Malakhov,
if academics taffy will make a choice in favor of this show is unclear.

Much more predictable was nominated for “Leading
entertainment”, which got Vadim Takmenyov (“You’re super!”, NTV), Maxim Galkin (“the best!”, The first channel), Pavel Volya and Garik Kharlamov (“Comedy
Club”, TNT).