Ilya Glinnikov commented on a fight with his fiancee

Илья Глинников прокомментировал драку со своей невестой
The popular actor made an official statement.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina

Photo: Instagram

Ilya Glinnikov that the day before yesterday
celebrated 33rd birthday, commented about the scandal that happened in my life
the actor last week. Some days the artist remained silent, not responding to
information to the media that he got into a fight with his fiancee, winner of the show “the Bachelor”
Ekaterina Nikulina and was forced to go to the Institute. Sklifosofsky. According to
information spread in the press, between Ilya and his lover
there was a serious quarrel, which ended in the beating.

However, the representative Glinnikov immediately
issued a denial. According to the Director, the actor is now not in
Russian and medical help was not sought. Recently, Ilya went to Georgia,
where he has relatives.

Ilya and his bride has made statements just
later. “Dear
society, enough already; the show is long over and show business is no place for us. No
for such a purpose. We are ordinary people — and all is well. Sending You a kiss
and Kindness to every Soul. Stop keep this pun around Us,” wrote
Catherine in his Instagram,
alongside the new joint photo with Elijah. Glinnikov also did not remain silent.

“Friends, We’re fine. Thank you all for your congratulations,” —said the actor.
not long ago, Ilya and Ekaterina announced the imminent wedding. The actor has already done
the winner of the show “the Bachelor” proposal of marriage. The artist planned
a modest celebration, which is likely to pass in Georgia. Wedding Glinnikov
and Nikulina will be the first for all history of existence of the Russian version
this popular show.