Egor Krid justified for the conduct of the project “the Bachelor”

Егор Крид оправдался за поведение на проекте «Холостяк»
The singer explained why he kicked the girl albino.

Егор Крид оправдался за поведение на проекте «Холостяк»

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This season of “the Bachelor” on TNT threatens to become one of the most controversial. Not so long ago Yegor kreed (he’s looking for his “soulmate” in the show) kicked one of the girls that she spent the night with one of the members of the crew. The singer was very upset and angry when he found out about it. He considered it not just a betrayal, a real betrayal. She is now blaming herself not for the incident, and that time has not admitted Egor fell in love with another person.

But that’s not all. Regular viewers of the project know that a week after the scandal revealed that participants Nicole Cahterine the perimeter of the project has a boyfriend, whom she still loves. Of course, the girl left the show, but followed her creed “got rid of” another contestant, who revealed to him the truth about Nicole.

Photo: a frame from the transmission

33-year-old model-albino Alice Liss considers himself a friend of creed, so decided to open him the truth. However, creed did not trust the girl, and made his “brides” confrontation. The solution was drastic: Alice also left the project. For this, by the way, Egor has poured a bucket of criticism. The fans didn’t agree with his decision, so the rapper decided to dot the “i”.

“Fox I said goodbye not for the fact that she told me that Nicole guessed at the former because she has feelings, he explained. — Not due to the fact that it is safe (note: no cameras, after a football match) told me that Nicole’s got a project for another man who has a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if Nicole lied to me or not. God is her judge. The essence of the other. Our conversation the three of us on the project lasted about 40 minutes. And Alice, to my regret, constantly changing their point of view, was confused in the stories and “changed”. In the end, I’m just sick of hearing that and decided. Enough of these intrigues, rumours etc! Too bad that the air is not rubber, and you do not see the root cause. I don’t want to mess around in the dirt and to explain something. You see a 1.5-hour series, and we live her for a week!”