“It’s not Sasha!” Kirill Safonov showed the intimate out of bed

«Это не Саша!» Кирилл Сафонов показал интимный снимок из постели
The actor was suspected of treason Sasha Savelyeva.

Photo: Instagram

Kirill Safonov incredibly intrigued by the public when published in a personal blog a photo sleeping in his bed girl.

“How not you want to leave your wigwam!” — signed Cyril the.

I must say, the photos turned out very “Moody”: it actor Safonov was able to “catch” the lens the atmosphere of this early morning. And it is clear that he really doesn’t want to leave…

Everything was fine until the “battle” is not yet the all-seeing subscribers stars. “It’s not Sasha!” — wrote many. People began to doubt, as the singer — blonde, and this girl is dark hair. No logical arguments that no sane person would publish such images in the public domain, alas, did not work.

Someone suggested that it could be a daughter Safonov, 23-year-old Anastasia, but these guesses were not close to the truth. The girl lives in America and is now there.

In fact, the mysterious girl was, of course, Sasha Savelieva. Just the singer, her hair is in fashion: the roots of the hair a few shades darker than the hair. Besides, she lies in the shade and on white linen.

Also Safonov did not note in this photo the wife, if it wasn’t her. And, by the way, one of the first photos commented Sasha. She put a few “smiles” with heart-shaped eyes.

Meanwhile, after a week the couple will celebrate the 8th anniversary from the day of the wedding. For all the time of their relationship they never fell into the scandalous Chronicles. On the contrary, every year more and more people call them the most perfect pair of domestic show-business.