Elena Vaenga bought dad a gift for three million

Елена Ваенга купила отцу подарок за три миллиона
The singer has purchased a luxury car.

Photo: Instagram

Despite its popularity, Elena Vaenga is a very simple way of life. She cleans the house, cooks the food and even closes the “banks” for the winter. But because of their financial possibilities, she does not get tired to indulge loved ones. The Vaenga did his father, Vladimir Borisovich, luxurious gift.

She got him a large SUV world-famous Japanese brand, which is considered one of the most reliable. The price of this car starts from 2.4 million rubles. But for this money you can only buy the standard, that is, bare, complete set. And Vaenga, according to the salon, did not save.

With his father, the singer is in a wonderful relationship, despite the fact that he raised the daughter in severity. Family Hulevych (is the real name of the singer) lived in the North, in lubow. weather dad every morning forced her daughter to run. Then she didn’t understand why it’s needed, and today I’m sure that this is largely tempered its character.

“They say I’m the iron lady with a hard character, — said Elena in an interview with “7 Days”. — Still they call me a militant Christian. I am cutting and uncompromising in matters of faith, homeland, parents and family of the traditional foundations of my nationality. Perhaps, my nature is dominated by qualities usually characteristic of men. The thing in my father’s upbringing. My childhood was spent on a strict schedule. This is the girl for you! I am now your son in such a situation can not even imagine. The time was distributed by the minute, the schedule was on the table under glass. At six in the morning rise, run in any weather, in return, shower, Breakfast, school, lunch, cleaning, lessons, school, hudozhku or skiing. Only during his illness I could do nothing, and the rest of my “do not want” or “can’t” did not care. Make a slip? Vacuum the apartment or wash the dishes out of turn. Something different? Good, so you’re not going to vacuum and wash the dishes out of turn. Yeah, it’s like the army, but me and daddy are very grateful for learning the hard way”.