Egor Krid happy schoolgirl at the prom

Егор Крид осчастливил школьницу на выпускном балу The winner of the contest “StarHit” shocked classmates. Anna Osadcenko appeared on the celebration with favorite of millions. In an exclusive report – a touching meeting fans and her idol.

      Егор Крид осчастливил школьницу на выпускном балу

      In early may, “StarHit” announced a competition “To the prom with Egor Creed!”. Throughout the six weeks, graduates sent letters with photos to the website with explana-tion, why did they have to go on a school night with a star. It’s more than two thousand applications.

      Covert operation

      “The letters I read in the car, plane, house, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. – All the girls – well done! But imagine how difficult it is to choose just one winner. I was touched by the letter in which my mother told about daughter. The girl graduated from 9th grade, and her family had to move. At the new school she was unable to make friends. Felt like a stranger among my classmates, so didn’t even want to go to prom. Parents barely managed to persuade her. Mom Tatiana dreamed that daughter was happy that day, so she wrote a letter. Daughter nothing told. After this I decided is the same”.

      Egor Krid took the girl to the prom in Khimki

      But we had to keep the intrigue until the day of the prom and thus to prepare the winner. “StarHit” just announced she’s Osadchenko that her daughter became a finalist along with Catherine Furazabol from Vladimir and Diana Begovoy from Moscow. All three girls have won certificates for the purchase of the dresses from the brand To Be Bride, and Diana and Anna received the prize – make-up and styling from the Studio style Vanity.

      Егор Крид осчастливил школьницу на выпускном балу

      Unsuspecting Anna chose a dress and on the day of graduation, June 30, quietly waiting for the hairdresser and makeup artist. Half an hour before leaving the phone rang. Anya opened the door and was stunned… at the threshold stood Egor creed with a huge bouquet of red roses.

      – Ah! Can’t be! “cried Anya. – Is that you?!

      “Yes,” creed smiled and walked into the apartment. – I chose you.

      Happiness in the eyes of the Schoolgirls cried a little. Girlfriend Ani ran to put the flowers in a vase, and Yegor began to look for Tatiana to thank for the letter.

      – Anna, you have such a wonderful mother! – said the singer. How do you feel?

      – All as in a fog. Still can’t believe that I live Egor Krid!

      – I am a real. So tell me, how do they learn?

      – Good, but not perfect – a trembling voice said Anya. I’m not gonna lie, there are a pair of threes – algebra and geometry. Certificates we are still not issued. The education Ministry did not manage to verify the the exam tests. So today at class the official part of the restaurant and will not be official.

      – Well, something! I, for example, the exhaust did not exist. Instead played in “Luzhniki” in Moscow – for the first time as an artist music label Black Star Inc.

      But what career was built. At 22, you’re already a superstar. By the way, I have a question for you. When will the video for the song “I like”? I can’t wait.

      – Soon. It will be pretty straightforward, but you can watch it. You’re an adult, graduated from school.

      – Damn it! I’m very excited. It does not happen. All as in a fairy tale. I’ve never won anything.

      Then Anya showed the Creed, your girly room with pink curtains and soft toys.

      – Now, Cinderella, I have to take you to the ball! – said Yegor.

      Егор Крид осчастливил школьницу на выпускном балу


      Creed put the winner in his black Mercedes Gelandewagen.

      – This is the same machine from which you post a photo in “Instagram”?

      – She is the most! – said the singer. – Going for a ride…

      In the car, Osadchenko talked about school and classmates, and after creed made a video in which they announced the winner of the contest “StarHit”. Near the entrance to the restaurant was a crowd of schoolchildren, the girls just froze when I saw a classmate’s arm with a star. “Holy shit! This can’t be!” – could not hide the emotions of the girls.

      The singer put Anya at the table, hugged and wished her to live here and now and enjoy the moment.

      Егор Крид осчастливил школьницу на выпускном балу“My confidence was a hundred times higher – confessed “StarHit” Anya. – Mom and dad were waiting for me after the ball home. We watched a story on the channel “Friday!”. Thank you, Egor and “StarHit”! You really made this day the happiest!”

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