Сын Дианы Арбениной произвел фурор на фестивале «Нашествие» Six Artem came on the scene with his mother. This performance was the debut for the heir of the famous singer, much to the delight of tens of thousands of festival fans. Audiences gave son of Diana’s applause and flowers.

      Сын Дианы Арбениной произвел фурор на фестивале «Нашествие»

      Rock singer Diana Arbenina first put on the stage his six year old son Artem. A little boy sang a duet with his star mom front of thousands of spectators gathered at the festival “Invasion”.

      The soloist of group “Night snipers” made a real test of strength for the baby to debut on a stage in front of so many people that stand every adult musician. However, Artem did a great job with excitement. And of course, he helped the mother, before the show already on stage, giving the son advice in the microphone.

      “Don’t twist the microphone so we normally sing,” said the son of Diana Arbenina. And after that come wonderful music. Little Tom with the support of his star mom has done a fine job with the difficult song “Shut up”. The audience was delighted with such touching performances rocker and her heir. The young singer after the song was waiting for the applause of the audience and the bouquets of flowers.

      “Thank God, I’m so happy, you even can not imagine,” said Diana, guests of the festival “Invasion”. Today’s concert was not in vain.”

      It should be noted that the performance of Artem was a gift to the birthday of Diana Arbenina. July 8, the star turned 42, and their holiday celebrated singer on the stage of one of the most popular musical biker forums.

      Videos with participation of Artem Diana, taken by guests of the “Invasion” instantly became hits on the Internet. And already users who are unable to attend the festival, expressed their enthusiasm for the performances of the young singer. “Oh, gods! How beautiful!” “How cool!”, “I have goosebumps” – share their emotions the fans of Diana Arbenina in social networks.

      Video published by K A T Y A (@ekaterina_zi) Jul 8 2016 12:37 PDT

      Recall, Diana first became a mother in February 2010, after giving birth to twins – a daughter Martha and a son Artyom. Children changed the life of a rock star. In recognition of the singer, the emergence of the kids made her feel much younger. Diana develops her son and daughter lateral thinking

      The artist feels free and inspired, and she is glad that the twins are creative, even in everyday life. And daughter, and the son of Diana Arbenina demonstrate innovative thinking and, like their famous mother, passionate about music.

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