Джим Керри не может смириться со смертью возлюбленной The actor said that a suicide note Katrina white has become public knowledge. Ex-lover Jim Carrey has committed suicide after breaking up with the Hollywood star. Before death, the girl left a last letter, in which he talked about his experiences.

      Джим Керри не может смириться со смертью возлюбленной

      On September 28 last year, the former lover of Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, a make-up artist Catriona white, died. 30-year-old girl died from an overdose of drugs. The body was discovered by her friends, Catriona did not go to the link, so they came to her home.

      In the apartment, they found a suicide note white, however, the initial details of its contents were not disclosed. Mentioned only that in it she refers to Kerry. Recently it became known that the girl wrote the last letter. Apparently, the Hollywood actor is still grieving about the deceased girl. He was extremely unhappy that details of personal lives of his loved ones become public.

      Jim Carrey arrived at the funeral of ex – lover

      “When I went to Hollywood to work as a actor, I soon learned that all of the details of my personal life will be discussed by the press as free discount coupons for dinner. But I never want the people I love most in life, also came under the spotlight. What a shame,” said the actor.

      In the suicide note left behind by the Catriona white, she told me that she couldn’t deal with the breakup. The rupture of relations with Hollywood actor became for it strong blow with which the beautician can’t handle. Last love: Jim Carrey and Catriona white

      “I spent three days, not believing that you’re not there. I could try to heal my broken heart and try to pick up the pieces. I could, but this time I have no strength and desire. I tried to give you all that is best in me,” wrote white in front of death.

      The last will of Katrina was that he ordered the funeral. She asked that Kerry chose the rite, as he considers him his family. Jim flew to Ireland, where his ex-girlfriend, so she rested in his native land. Despite the fact that Kerry and white broke up, the actor spoke warmly about his former sweetheart.

      “I am deeply shocked and saddened by the death of my cute Catriona. She was a kind and gentle Irish flower, too delicate for this world. She lived in order to love and be loved. I feel like I’m being struck by lightning,” said JEM after the death of visagiste.

      Discontent with Jim Carrey in connection with the disclosure of the content of the treatment of white to him, reported the Mirror.

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