Egor Holyavin about sex after intimate plastic: “I have a blister”

Егор Холявин о сексе после интимной пластики: «Я натер мозоли» A few weeks ago, the man increased sexual organ. Egor Holyavin, on account of which 15 operations, continues to Refine its appearance. Now he will experience the new rehabilitation period.
Егор Холявин о сексе после интимной пластики: «Я натер мозоли»

Egor Holyavin many years dreamed of becoming a Russian Ken, and for that purpose ventured to numerous surgeries. Recently former participant of “House-2” decided to change not only the appearance, but also what is hidden from prying eyes – sexual organ. Three weeks after the operation the man was able to evaluate the work of the surgeon. However, apparently, not all expectations Egor met.

Egor Holyavin preparing for intimate plastic

“The operation was successful, but got some problems, which I was not expecting. The first week, when I went to the doctor for control, we thought that you have to pin. After a time he decided to change nothing and leave everything as it is, – said Yegor with “StarHit”. – I have not once managed to get used to the new size. Now have to buy new underwear. Do not sit like they used to. But I don’t think this is the problem – using the time to master”.

While Halavin tries to stick to doctors ‘ prescriptions. But now he notices changes not only in the appearance of the body, but also in their own attitude. According to Yegor, he became more confident, although this didn’t suffer from low self-esteem.

“There are problems. For example, I just rubbed it, I had corn. Gradually healing, of course, but you have to handle the constantly ointment. I’m better now, before all the sick completely. Still wear the bag in different creams and ointments”, – says the details of Halavin.
Егор Холявин о сексе после интимной пластики: «Я натер мозоли»

Egor admits that before the surgery was a success with women every day with him want to meet, but the man still did not met the one with whom he wanted to start a family. Halavin admitted that ready for a serious relationship and does not want to waste time with those who did not see his potential bride.

Egor says that now it is literally flooded with questions regarding the results of the plastics. And he was surprised to learn that for many men this topic is quite relevant.

“It seems to me, by his example, I made a fuss and interest”, – concluded Halavin.