Milan Kerzhakov: “I’m an addict! So Sasha took his son”

Милана Кержакова: «Я наркоманка! Поэтому Саша забрал сына» The wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov admitted drug addiction. Milan explained how and why started to use banned substances and called it addiction the reason that her husband took her son from her.
Милана Кержакова: «Я наркоманка! Поэтому Саша забрал сына»

Scandal in the family of a football player and daughter of Senator St. Petersburg, just a few days ago which became public today, has received unexpected continuation. Milan group announced that has long been suffering from drug addiction. According to 24-year-old girl, this was the real reason her husband took their child.

Milan Kerzhakov: “my Husband stole my child”

To get involved with drugs, according to Kerzhakova, made her grief – the death of a beloved Pope, politician Vadim Tyulpanov, who died last spring.

Милана Кержакова: «Я наркоманка! Поэтому Саша забрал сына»“I want to confess! Sasha took the baby home, because I’m 4.5 months was in an addiction clinic, the child was with the nanny, and I was treated for drug addiction. I never did drugs, but my father’s death I was broken! First was alcohol, then… Sasha helped me to solve this problem, it is really against all this fighting. But at that time I heard nothing and not seen, shroud of sorrow was before my eyes, is probably not one man will not stand. It really helped to Yana Rudkovskaya, gave wise advice! She, like several other people who wanted to help save our family, but I concealed all them that has led me now to this tragedy of my life,” admitted Milan.

The young mother also said that had slandered her husband in a fit of emotion. Today Milan for the first time were able to see one-year-old Artemis, and afterwards made a sensational recognition.

Kerzhakov not only apologized to those who were misled, but promised after recovery to create a Fund to help those who found themselves in the same difficult situation, and as she could not cope with personal grief.

Mother Milana’s Kerzhakova drunk after her husband’s death

“I was weak, I lied to everyone that I’m clean maligned Sasha that he’s not giving me the child that he is a rascal, though he gave and gives, even in the situation that is. I understand now that while I’m not completely recover, better to live with dad. I was looking for support, but slandered by the people I care about and that really always helped me. Today I am happy, I saw and embraced his son, and talked with Sasha, I called and apologized to Jana, which could not care less, and that the only support Sasha, and urged me to confess! I promise I’ll make it, I got it, and when I am fully healed, I’ll create a Fund to help women who have experienced a similar situation, so they didn’t pour and didn’t put as a good “girlfriends”, pushing them into the great deep,” wrote Milan.

We will remind, the daughter of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov became the second wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov. They were married in the summer of 2015, a Grand wedding took place in St. Petersburg. 10 April last year Milan and Alexander became the parents – was born the boy Artemy. And the week before died dad’s favorite Milana – Vadim Albertovich did not April 4, 2017.

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