Alexander Samoylenko has admitted that his wife left him due to infidelity

Александр Самойленко признался, что жена бросила его из-за измен The actor spoke about the cause of the divorce. Alexander Samoilenko for the first time admitted that broke up with his first wife because he cheated on her.
Александр Самойленко признался, что жена бросила его из-за измен

Restaurateur, entertainer, film and theater star of the film “Forgotten melody for flute”, “children of the Arbat” – Alexander Samoilenko busy career and less social life. 54-year-old actor has three sons, only all the children of TV stars from different marriages, none of which the artist was unable to save.

In the program of NTV “One day,” Samoilenko said that he never leaves the family, the initiators of the breakup become his wife. The reason is simple – many of the infidelity of the actor.

The first marriage of Kim and had a son, Stepan. Now the boy grew long and successfully engaged in law. Middle son Alexander appeared in the second official relations Samoilenko, which lasted very long. The third time the actor got married to a girl Eugene, who was younger than his 19 years. This Alliance proved to be quite durable – have lasted 8 years, but in 2015 the couple still broke up.

“I’m not leaving the family, women always leave me. I’ll leave if I have been betrayed, and betrayal is not only a physical betrayal. Although I do not understand the physical betrayal from the woman. And from the men… This was the reason for my first divorce. I got married young, at age 19, I wanted to see life, at 22 I had a baby. It seemed to me that I infringed something, wanted to see the world” – said Alexander Samoilenko.
Александр Самойленко признался, что жена бросила его из-за измен

Now the actor is happy in the relationship with the Director of the Children’s art festival in “Artek” Natalia Gromova, which educates the sons of Prokhor. The actor told Natalia that he should just accept it for what it is.

“He told me once we met he did not believe the women. That’s how you want to. If you will accept me as I am, let’s stay together”, – said the mistress of Alexander Samoilenko.

Children in these relationships yet, but Alexander is not against to be a dad again. “Children I love very much. There would be a possibility, I’d have had,” said Samoylenko.