Egor Beroev risked his life on the set of new film

Егор Бероев рисковал жизнью на съемках нового фильма
The actor played the racer-extremals in the series of the First channel “Thin ice”.

Егор Бероев рисковал жизнью на съемках нового фильма

New series “Thin ice,” which kicks off soon on the First channel about severe rupture of the heroine with her
husband Igor Palagina, shady politician who has made her life almost
unbearable because of its authoritarian pressure and lack of personal freedom.
Irina, played by Ekaterina Guseva, says her husband about the divorce. New love with the hero Yegor Beroev brings her hope
bright future. But how to be with their two children, daughter and son, where the power
father will never give up their runaway mother?

Despite the fact that the focus of the film is on
the emotional component, without the tricks and special effects there were, because one of
the main characters — a race car driver. The role went to Egor Beroeva, who refused
the help of a stuntman, and went on a motorcycle drove by car and most of the tricks
performed myself.

The main character played by Aleksey Guskov. By the way, a similar role —
her husband, a tyrant, who is trying to leave his wife, the actor was in the film “the Border.
Taiga novel”.

“Usually in a love triangle one of the parties — He or She,
the lovers run away from someone, not interested in anyone, — said Alexei Guskov. Mostly the intrigue is how the lovers will win all the obstacles and will
happy. But what happens to the “left and abandoned” — not interested….
That’s actually about “Them” and history. The author of the scenario Alexey Slapovsky,
his characteristic subtlety explored — and what actually is real
with people when they are burdened with “debts and duties”, suddenly visits
such a feeling as love. The team that made the film more than convincing —
producers dzhanik Faiziev and Malinkin, Director Alexander Frantskevich-Loya and
the cast is more than convincing”.

The film also played
Jan Tsapnik, Igor Ugolnikov, Natalia Rudova and Lydia velegeva.

“When playwright Aleksei Slapovskii was finishing the script, we already knew that complex, ambiguous figure Palagina — should play actor Alexei Guskov,” says the Director
Alexander Franskevich-Laie. But all the actors and Alexey and Ekaterina and Egor took place
using a multistage sample. The film is a lot psychologically complex scenes,
conflicts in which felt incredible pain of the characters. We have no
positive and negative characters. Divorce each party is given
easy, each of the characters of a love triangle can be broken or Vice versa
to show magnanimity”.