Сергей Безруков взялся за оружие
In the Provincial theater opened a new season: cut cabbage, fired from rifles and was awarded the sons of the regiment.

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: press service of Sergey Bezrukov

The Moscow Provincial theatre under
the leadership of Sergei Bezrukov opened its fourth season with a performance on the novel
Victor Astaf’eva “Merry men”. And in the afternoon they held a traditional gathering of troupe,
where the art Director reported on the work done last season and
announced plans for the upcoming season. But, as noted by handleman, conduct regular
meeting him seemed bored and cast in the Provincial theatre was turned into
real holiday: vocal numbers, a live orchestra (the good
The Governor’s orchestra of Moscow region is part of the troupe),
skit and pleasant surprises.

Started the season unexpectedly: on stage
— decoration “Cheerful soldier” in the room — neither the artists or the artistic Director.
They came on stage with a song to the music from the movie “an Ordinary miracle”, singing
in his own way about the beginning of the new season:

Things to do, make premieres

We complete the creative life.

That’s better, isn’t it? But if we are not right

Our audience, you tell us.

The scenery of “the Merry soldier” was dictated by the war, which clothed
all the action: the troupe became “the Provincial battalion newly arrived in theatre
young actors — recruits, and signal to start collecting troupe the art Director has filed
shot from a rifle.

Began the season with congratulations
honored artist of the Russian Federation Boris Galkin: at the recently held in Syktyvkar II
North theatre festival, the artist received the prize “For the best male
the role for the role of Victor Astafiev in the theater of “Fun

Later Sergey Bezrukov told about the success
last season: at the theater, the Prime Minister appeared 8, kollektivov
with performances in Saratov, Voronezh, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, and also in the framework
The Federal program MK of the Russian Federation “the Big tour” visited Khanty-Mansiysk
and Surgut, Kaliningrad, Sovetsk and Svetlogorsk. Over the past season
three plays gained an additional option — Teplokommunenergo, two
of them children’s plays “the jungle Book. Mowgli”, “The Island
treasure. Thus, the repertoire of the theater for 6 performances, which are
accompanied by tiflo-commentary.