Анна Хилькевич рассказала о поиске роддома
The actress recalls her pregnancy.

Anna Khilkevich and expert on hospitals Tatiana

Photo: Instagram Anna Khilkevich (@annakhilkevich )

Daughter Anna Khilkevich Ariadne 9 months, and the actress still can not forget the time when I was carrying my baby under my heart. This
once the actress has shared with your followers with information about who helped her
to determine the hospital. We know that maternity hospitals in Moscow and many
to decide can be very difficult. It turns out there
the person who know all about hospitals
in Moscow and drive pregnant women out there on tour — it is a profession. “As a head only had to drive pregnant
trips to the hospital?! To help with the choice! Because I don’t know what
relationships need to have that you’ve got access to the closed door, —
writes Lee. Tanya and I helped
to decide”.

By the way, recently Anna Khilkevich told his fans on Twitter about
what is preparing to become a mother for the second time. As it turned out, for the actress and her husband
Artur Volkov was a complete surprise that pregnancy and childbirth is almost
not reflected in the figure of the actress. It pleased spouse and brought to the
thinking that, perhaps, can’t have another baby. “Be
sporty, sexy and fun moms! By the way, I always thought
pregnancy and childbirth irreversibly spoil the figure… But my example proved the opposite!
What Arthur is genuinely excited and what I want to share with you! You can prepare
on a second!” — said Anna.