Yaroslav Boyko canceled tour because of illness

Ярослав Бойко отменил гастроли из-за болезни
The actor could not arrive to Blagoveshchensk at the festival “Amur autumn”.

Yaroslav Boyko

Photo: Yury Feklistov

In the competition program of the repertory company at the festival “Amur
autumn was a scheduled performance of “Filmmakers”. But at play behind the scenes
Hollywood, the audience saw the concert with participation of actors involved in the formulation, and
other star guests.

The fact is that due to the illness of one of the performers
Yaroslav Boyko could not arrive to Blagoveshchensk. And then his partners
play Denis Matrosov and Nikita Zverev along with his fellow actors
decided to have an impromptu performance for those viewers who already
decided to spend the evening in the theater. “Filmmakers like Filmmakers,” joked
guests of the festival.

Of course, all worried about the health of Boyko,
who had even to go on a drip in Moscow. But the exact diagnosis is not
specified. Most likely, this is due to seasonal diseases, because
a week in the capital costs of the cold rainy weather.