Eduard Uspensky about cancer: “All were silent, and now he’s mad”

Эдуард Успенский об онкологии: «Все молчали, а теперь взбесились» A famous writer told about his condition. According to Ouspensky, he really is being treated at the hospital. According to man, doctors monitor his health for several years.
Эдуард Успенский об онкологии: «Все молчали, а теперь взбесились»

Famous writer Eduard Uspensky came to the clinic. According to some, a few years ago the doctors diagnosed men with cancer. 79-year-old writer claims that he periodically undergoes examination in the medical institutions, however, explains that the reasons for concern.

“The last three years I go to hospitals: from one to another. But no one cared. This is normal, without any serious ailments. And everyone got mad: been calling and calling. Calm people! About my health, how about Lenin’s health, reported on the radio: all were silent, and now freaked out,” said Uspensky in an interview with “StarHit”.

Recall that five years ago the media reported that Eduard Artemyev was diagnosed with cancer. The writer was careful with their health, regular visit to the doctors. According to some, he even had surgery in 2011. But then his health deteriorated on the background of conflicts with his wife, Eleonora Filina. In 2013, they divorced, but the press kept up the details of their relationship. As wrote the newspaper, the wife of the writer climbed into a multimillion debts. According to rumors, had deceived her, so the woman laid a four-storey house of writers in Peredelkino.

Then Eleanor began to disseminate information about what the assumption was domestic tyrant who repeatedly raised her hand. The woman admitted to journalists that a few years preparing for the divorce, because she was afraid to be left with nothing.

Recall that Eduard Uspensky was born on 22 December 1937. He is the author of dozens of books. Russian readers call him “dad” crocodile Gena and Cheburashka. Also on account of the writer of such children’s books as “Down the magic river”, “Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat”, “a”security men”. Also Eduard Nikolaevich acted as a screenwriter for some cartoons based on his works.