Film Director Sergey Tkachev be handicapped due to a serious illness

Режиссеру Сергею Ткачеву грозит инвалидность из-за тяжелой болезни Friends of the artist, who made such films as “Mary”, “the narrow gate” and “Morning” are seriously concerned about his health. Sergey Tkachev and his wife for a long time remained silent about the problems encountered, but now the man is in critical condition.
Режиссеру Сергею Ткачеву грозит инвалидность из-за тяжелой болезни

Relatives of 52-year-old Director Sergey Tkachev, member of the Russian Guild of producers, are seriously concerned about his condition. The man was seriously ill, and he had no funds for expensive treatment. Therefore, friends of Sergei Nikolaevich began collecting money so that he could obtain the necessary medical assistance. According to colleagues Tkachev, he faces a disability. The artist and his wife took a very difficult decision to go to the cinema community because they can no longer wait.

Among those who decided to support Sergey Tkachev, turned actress Mariya Shalaeva. “My friend and Director of my first film “Masha” need help! I know it’s all bad money, but maybe someone knows, is there any other way!” she wrote on the social networks.

Режиссеру Сергею Ткачеву грозит инвалидность из-за тяжелой болезни

Those who personally know the Director, circulate the post of film critic and artistic Director of the Russian programs of MIFF Irina Pavlova in social networks. In its publication the woman explained how her friend suffer.

“Our friend and colleague, Director and screenwriter Sergey Tkachev – huge trouble. While he and his wife, actress Natalia Tkacheva, cope with it themselves, they were silent as guerrillas, and didn’t tell anyone. But now the situation is so dire and catastrophic that even the proud he and Natasha could no longer remain silent. Serezha is seriously ill, and his condition is deteriorating day by day. He’s got osteoarthritis of the lower extremities of the second degree, violation of blood circulation of the spine and lower extremities, muscle atrophy. He hardly moves independently… you Need to have time (to avoid further deterioration) treatment and serious rehabilitation,” – said Pavlov.
Режиссеру Сергею Ткачеву грозит инвалидность из-за тяжелой болезни

According to Irina Obraztsova, Sergey and his wife will welcome any amount, even one that you can spend “on a Cup of coffee or call a taxi.” She later thanked all those who remained indifferent to her treatment. “Aid is neither little nor a lot. It’s either there or not. We are all people, mostly poor, and one by one few can do. But together a lot. For example, to save the good, beautiful, generous, and talented person. Once again – thank you!” – she added.

To support the family of the Director also decided the actress Victoria Isakova. In 2007, the screens out the series Tkachev “Private ordering” in which the artist played a major role. Fans of Victoria was sympathetic to her initiative to help a colleague and wished him good health.

We will add that Sergey Tkachev was born on 2 APR 1965 in Rostov region. In 2002 he founded the production company “Tata Studio”. Among the works directed such films as “Mary”, “the narrow gate”, “Holiday lockdown” and “Scorpion.” and “Morning”.