Vladimir Nosik was robbed of hundreds of thousands

Владимира Носика обокрали на сотни тысяч Star of theatre and cinema has become a victim of fraud. Vladimir Nosik fraudulently acquired a considerable sum of money. Upon a crime criminal case. Police establish details of the incident.
Владимира Носика обокрали на сотни тысяч

Journalists report that the people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Nosik became a victim of hackers. Unknown fraudulently took from the Bank account men a considerable sum of money.

As reported by the media, the damage from actions of malefactors is about 720 thousand rubles. The incident occurred at the capital one Bank branch. About it the correspondent reported sources in law enforcement bodies.

“Citizen Vladimir Nosik told that an unknown person called him on the phone and, posing as an employee of Sberbank, under the false pretext asked to go to the nearest ATM. In the interface of the ATM is a man, listening to the conversation, entered some codes, and as a result, the attacker stole the account funds in the amount of 6 thousand dollars and 6 thousand euros,” – said the source.

The theft of a Bank card, law enforcement officers opened a criminal case under article “Fraud”. According to journalists, they also visited the scene and were investigating records seized from the surveillance cameras installed in the Bank.

“StarHit” tried to contact the artist, but he made it clear he did not intend to discuss the details of the incident.

Владимира Носика обокрали на сотни тысяч

Vladimir Nosik was born on 3 April 1948. The famous actor was educated at VGIK, his classmates were Elena Solovey, Natalya Bogunova, Anatoly Vedenkin and Sergei Gurzo. After the end of the workshop, Boris Babochkin, a man began work in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. The Spout has appeared in such productions as “Fool”, “the Miracle of St. Anthony”, “Comedy of errors”, “dead souls”.

Since 1955, Vladimir Benediktovich Shine on the stage of the State academic Small drama theatre. The actor was involved in many popular performances, including in “Three sisters”, “the Snow Queen”, “Tsar Ioann Grozny”, “Labour bread”, “Uncle Vanya”, “inspector”, “the Dream character” and “Criminal mother, or Second Tartuffe”.

Debut of a famous actor in a movie was in the movie “Go seek” directed by Igor Dobrolyubov, which was released in 1966. Nosik played the role of a village guy. The film also starred George Zhzhenov, Irina Brazgovka and Lev Durov.

In the 60s Vladimir Benediktovich actively acted in film, but the real success came to him after the film Eldar Ryazanov “About the poor hussar say a word”. In this iconic painting of the Spout can be seen in the role of one of the hussars. In addition, Vladimir Benediktovich starred in the film “When September comes…”, “Crime and punishment”, “the Most charming and attractive”.

Currently, police are tracing the stolen Vladimir Benediktovich, as well as help in locating the suspect, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.