Эдита Пьеха: «Мне надо «починить» ноги» If colds and other ailments, the singer recovered, some serious problems with his legs bothering her until now. Edita celebrated the 81st birthday on stage, where for almost two hours sang for beloved audience of their biggest hits.
Эдита Пьеха: «Мне надо «починить» ноги»

In the spring all the country’s media had spread information that people’s artist of the USSR Edita Piekha was in the hospital. Built different versions: a serious illness, malaise, heart problems. But Peha hurried to calm everyone down and said that it was cold and routine check, while the concerts scheduled in several cities of Russia, all cancelled. She did not come on the Day of the city (St. Petersburg this year marks 315 years), although the latter said he would appear on stage in a mixed concert.

At issue was her traditional solo album in the concert hall “October” on July 31. It would seem, and this concert will be canceled, but Edita has decided not to depart from tradition and wanted to share this joyful day with the public. However, according to some media reports, it failed to agree with the main room due to the high rent for the plight of the artist. It turned out that the case was not about money – about the concert became known only a month ago, and these dates in the room was already booked other events, so the show was moved to a cozy Theater Stage, artistic Director of which is an old friend Piekha Yuri Galtsev.

Эдита Пьеха: «Мне надо «починить» ноги»

Collins admitted that she is still concerned about serious foot problems. So, communicating with journalists before, Edita prefer to sit in a great chair, and took to the stage with the help of assistants, and daughter Ilona Bronevitsky. However, this did not stop her to change four outfits for the concert.

“I feel good, as long as you live – singing. But I need to “fix” the legs, which recently have forgotten that they need to work and help me. I would do anything for his audience and I promise you that we’ll see each other again in the winter,” said Peha.
Эдита Пьеха: «Мне надо «починить» ноги»

Almost two hours Edita sang for beloved audience of their biggest hits, they in return got her flowers. “I literally have another garden,” joked Collins.

Behind the scenes reigned joyful atmosphere. The daughter of Edita posed with the chief baritone of St. Petersburg Yuri Okhochinsky, and the main country Orpheus albert Asadullin flew to the concert from out of town. Colleagues and friends recalled that Dita (so affectionately called Peha friends) is not only a good singer, but also a stunning storyteller. “So the concert will be songs, flowers and a lot of conversations,” they joked.

One of the friends of the singer remembered that many years ago, she toured the South of Russia, and one day decided to go for a walk, where she caught up with the maniac horse. He chased a favorite artist across the city, shouting: “You will be mine”. At some point my strength left her and she decided to resort to feminine wiles, and started rattling off questions: “who are you? What’s your name? What’s the name of your horse?”

“It turned out that EHA elementary spoke of a maniac and, catching an opportunity, hurried to hide in the hotel. I know our kid,” he joked colleagues.