Виктория Романец об отношениях с женатыми: «Зачем кого-то жалеть» Ex-member of telestone believes that anyone can make a mistake in choosing a life partner. Victoria romanet shared his thoughts on the controversial subject: should girls pay attention to married men?
Виктория Романец об отношениях с женатыми: «Зачем кого-то жалеть»

Ex-participant reality show “HOUSE-2” Victoria romanet last year she married Anton Gusev. Prior to that, he was married to Evgenia Feofilaktova – they had a son Daniel, but it did not save them a few together. Later, when it became known that Gusev had an affair with romanet, rumors about what she took away from him. Victoria herself has always repudiated relationship with a married, but because in his newspaper column “StarHit” decided to speculate whether the girls pay attention to unfree men.

“Anton began to show signs of attention, even when were officially married. But my doubts were dispelled two days, when he spoke about the fact that divorces in married life is not all smooth and he wants to be loved, fed, and just happy man.

It is actually very simple – some men say others do. My life has always been a taboo on Affairs with married men, I thought it was a waste of time. 90% of married men is liars, those who are just looking for joy or variety on the side. These differ from normal male actions. I now speak on your example, because the relationship between us Anton began to develop when it was applied for divorce.
Виктория Романец об отношениях с женатыми: «Зачем кого-то жалеть»

I understand that these families fully when the couple has nothing but children, and people want to experience the feelings. And some just make your choice and then realize they made a mistake when he relied on certain conditions which at that time possessed. I believe that until 25 years old male green, makes no sense to even look in the direction of such, especially married.

I think that women decide for themselves and let their relationship with someone else’s husband – it will be just the affair, or the case goes to the wedding, or do nothing. If a person comes with good intentions, why not try, why should anyone feel sorry for. Such a man will not let his beloved woman a few years to wait for a decision on the divorce from his wife to tie his life with her.

Separation, divorce is not a death sentence. My grandmother got married for the fourth time, when she was 49 years old. I don’t think she is the only one in this world who are not behind a single marriage. I have a friend who had nine wives and 11 children, all of them he provides.

There is a popular opinion that all men cheat. No, I think not all. Of course, some pluck, so girls need to put them in place, because it is men, not spoiled children.”