Сергей Жуков о болезни: «Раны перестали заживать, предстоит операция» The soloist of group “Hands up” announced that he will undergo yet another surgery after which his condition is improving. Sergei Zhukov thanked the fans who care about him, and apologized for the cancelled concerts.
Сергей Жуков о болезни: «Раны перестали заживать, предстоит операция»

Recently fans of the band “Hands up” was saddened by the news that the coming concerts in some cities of Russia are canceled. It turned out that Sergei Zhukov is in the hospital, and therefore will not be able to perform on stage. Representatives of the musician hastened to reassure vzvolnovala fans, and now the actor recorded a video message where he told what was happening to him actually. According to Zhukov, he will for some time be under the supervision of doctors, and then have another operation.

“In early June I started treatment, but unfortunately, became not better, but worse. The wound ceased to heal, and I had to go to the doctors, who began to solve the problem. I want to say that this is not one of those terrible diseases that could think, – said Zhukov. – I’m not bedridden, I’m completely flexible, but, unfortunately, at the insistence of the doctors I have to receive daily treatments to be in hospital rooms, to be tied to a machine, which I have to carry 24 hours a day.”

Sergey thanked the fans who remained indifferent to his health and tried in every way to support their favorite artist. Zhukov admitted that lately he gave a lot of concerts and couldn’t afford to take a break. The artist believes that this became the reason of sharp deterioration of health.

Сергей Жуков о болезни: «Раны перестали заживать, предстоит операция»

Also the soloist of group “Hands up” has apologized for what he will have to cancel the tour, which was to be held in August. He regretted that the fans will have to take the tickets. Nevertheless he hoped that in the near future will be able to return to normal life and to please the fans on stage.

“In August I will have another surgery, after which I am definitely on the mend” – said Zhukov.

In addition to touring activity he is engaged in business. Together with his wife Regina Burd develop confectionery that specializiruetsya on baking cupcakes. Sergey Zhukov: “Leave the scene, if the children asked”