Ed Sheeran made a surprise for children in Boston hospital

Эд Ширан сделал сюрприз для детей в бостонском госпитале

The red-haired singer ed Sheeran delighted the children in the Studio of Ryan Seacrest hospital Boston, where she performed acoustic versions of their hits. It happened on the Saturday before his second concert at the TD Garden this week. He sang songs and talked with hundreds of children treated at the hospital.

Эд Ширан сделал сюрприз для детей в бостонском госпитале

The performer was dressed in a grey hoodie and black sunglasses. 26-year-old singer performed his hit “Shape of You” on an acoustic guitar. The crowd that had gathered in the Studio was very happy to came the star guest. Sheeran even took a request of one of the patients to play the song “LEGO House”. “Ed said that you didn’t sang it very long, but he fulfilled her request.” said one of those present that day.

Ed sang his own songs in one of the microphones in the Studio and the sound was transmitted across the room through the speakers. The performance-close-up showed on the big white screen for a spotlight that all the patients saw a star. The contractor is not tired to take pictures with fans who lined up. They gave the idol posters with nice inscriptions and drawings. He also made a couple of videos for those guys who are unable to attend his speech. Also, the actor left a special gift for the hospital — signed autograph guitar.

Эд Ширан сделал сюрприз для детей в бостонском госпитале

The most touching moment was a performance of the song “happy birthday” for one young boy.

Early on Saturday, ed had been in the Studio radio Kiss 108 in Medford, to speak with a private concert. Friday night, he ignited the crowd in the TD Garden, came out on stage wearing a Boston Bruins t-shirt jersey goalkeeper, Tuuka rusk.

This is not the first time ed Sheeran makes a surprise for their fans. In 2015, the singer appeared at the wedding of Australian couple Matt and Kaya. They kept postponing the wedding because of the financial situation, but really wanted to get married. The husband decided that the wedding night will be remembered forever and his wife called on the radio to arrange surprises. Wedding sponsored for $ 10,000 and called to please honeymooners ed Sheeran. When the couple saw the performer, they were struck dead. Their first dance they danced to an acoustic rendition of the song of their idol in person.

Just recently, 26-year-old singer took part in the cult TV series “Game of thrones”. In the seventh season ed appeared in the role of the actor and sang a song around the campfire. The artist decided to dress in the attire of the employees of the Lannisters.