The wedding of Megan and Harry to be: a pair first appeared in public, holding hands

Свадьбе Меган и Гарри быть: пара впервые появилась на публике, держась за руки The representative of the British Royal family attended a sporting event “Games of the unconquered,” along with Meghan Markle. The lovers came to a tennis match, which took place in Toronto in the framework of competitions for ex-servicemen.
Свадьбе Меган и Гарри быть: пара впервые появилась на публике, держась за руки

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came to a sporting event “Games undefeated”. Lovers were holding hands, something enthusiastically whispered and looked very happy. The contest, organized with the support of the representative of the Royal family for former servicemen, held in Toronto. On the eve there was held tennis tournament.

Up to this point Harry and his fiancee did not attend such events together. The couple could be seen only at parties, which take place in a narrow circle of friends. Eyewitnesses said that the lovers behave naturally.

“Every time Megan and Harry started talking, we heard “click, click, click” – clicks of the cameras. She’s amazing. Very beautiful and absolutely non-stellar girl,” he told reporters Dee O’connor, a representative team from New Zealand, who was at the match next to the pair.

Earlier, there was talk that Harry had a beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. According to rumors, the monarch was pleased with the choice of a grandson.

Prince Harry called her for a Frank conversation with Elizabeth II

“Harry all summer, was not in the castle, so he decided to go there. He also wanted to introduce Meghan from the Queen. Everything went well. No doubt they will have many meetings… Finally he introduced that he loves, the person that really cares,” – this information was spread by insiders.

According to some, in a short time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married. The representative of the Royal family have spent a fabulous sum on a luxury engagement ring of platinum and emeralds. The decoration, which cost about 100 thousand pounds will be made from a bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle is a famous actor, who starred in the TV series “Force majeure”. She tries not to talk about in personal interviews, however, the journalists of one glossy magazine managed to ask Megan about the beginning of the novel with a representative of the British Royal family.

“We were secretly Dating for six months before the moment that our relationship became a subject of discussion. All this time I continued to do my job, and the only thing that has changed is the perception of my person people. In me nothing has changed. I remain the same Megan, I never tried to define myself through relationships,” said the darling Prince.