Anna Sedokova announced his feelings for the new man

Анна Седокова заявила о своих чувствах к новому мужчине
The singer showed of her lover.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova Instagram

More recently, the Network discussed the separation of Anna Sedokova with the father of her third child, it became known as: the singer once again in love. The actress reported about it in social networks. She has published a romantic photo with her lover, signing it: “my Kingdom for two days on the beach with you… But you have a big day today, as always I have a million and one thing. But know, from the thousands of choices I would choose only you!”

Recently Anna posted a photo of the wedding dress in the Eastern style, and today to create greater intrigue, Anna posted on his microblog photos of a loved one. However, the “rules”, it can not see the face of the chosen one Sedokova. In the comments of a post I started playing the “guessing game” — subscribers Express their assumptions, hoping that will be the first one who guessed the identity of the beloved Anne.

At the same time, many of the Network users think Sedokova all played and published a frame from filming the new clip. “Guys, come on! Surely from shooting the photo… You’re wasting your time!”, “It is unlikely that she so quickly found someone else to play with… Clip, probably… or maybe advertising video. In General, do not believe!”, — write the incredulous fans.

Since then, as last year it became known about the pregnancy of Anna, her personal life is covered with fog. Still do not even know the name of the father of her son Hector. When fans began to feel that they figured it out — the baby’s father Sedokova thought of the son of businessman Artem Korolev — the singer suddenly began to hint at the novel of Anatoly Choi. Anna still manages to “hold the Fort” and did not disclose all the cards.