Dylan O’brien was hit by a car on the set trikvela “the maze runner”

Дилана О’Брайена сбила машина на съемках триквела «Бегущего в лабиринте»

Producers are often attracted to the filming of the movie stunt, because is too expensive to risk the health of the actors themselves. An accident recently happened to the actor that plays the main role in the movie “the maze runner”. 24-year-old Dylan O’brien was hit by a car right on the set, resulting in multiple injuries, including abrasions and even fractures.

“Dylan O’brien was injured while filming “the maze runner: the death Cure” in Vancouver, Canada, — says the official statement from Fox. He was immediately taken to hospital for observation and treatment. Shooting will be stopped until his full recovery.”

I hope Dylan speedy in the future will be okay and will recover.

Recall that the third part of the franchise “the maze runner” with the subtitle “the death Cure” was to be presented to the viewer in January 2017. Will there be a postponement due to unforeseen circumstances not specified.

Note that in the third movie Dylan takes the key role. It was his character named Thomas goes in search of the cure for a deadly disease called “Outbreak”.

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