Личные фото Адель были «слиты» в сеть

British singer Adele is today one of the most popular artists in the world, it is no wonder that personal life the girl tries to hide from everyone behind seven locks. Maybe Adele for privacy – just what she wants, but hackers do not understand the desire of the singer to escape and expose her personal life on public display.

The singer of the hit Hello still became a victim of hackers who hacked her phone.

“Fumbling” on a device hackers have not thought up anything better how to lay out the information that there was Network in particular, this applies to personal photos.

Of course, no “nudity” and other scandalous photos in your phone Adele hackers were discovered, but the photos Adele, who after hacking appeared on Facebook, was a very personal footage. For example, hackers “leaked” to the network photo of her three sons Angelo, first ultrasound done during pregnancy, and the selfie that Adele made in your own kitchen, being pregnant. In the network appeared photos of the singer from her childhood.

We will remind, last week it became known that Adele has married the father of her child.


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