Папа Римский зарегистрировался в «Инстаграме» The head of the Catholic Church joined the popular social network. Just one day the page of Pope Francis has gained a huge popularity. It was signed by about one and a half million people.

      Папа Римский зарегистрировался в «Инстаграме»

      With the advancement of technology almost every person can become a little closer to the celebrities. Anyone can observe the life of a famous person, regardless of where in the world they are. This option is very pleasing to fans of famous people – thanks to social networks they can be closer to their idols.

      But not only movie stars, musicians, representatives of show business try to be as close as possible to your fans. The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has registered in the popular social network “Instagram”.

      “I want to start a new path to go along with you on the way of divine mercy”, said the Pope, and then signed up to Instagram and has published the first photos.

      Папа Римский зарегистрировался в «Инстаграме»

      I must say that the priest suddenly became very popular. In just one day on his page signed by more than half a million people. It is also noteworthy that their publications Pope Francis writes in several languages, which is why it can understand people living in different countries.

      Registration of the head of the Catholic Church in the popular social network was really a significant event – was present and one of the founders of “Instagram,” Kevin SISTROM, who posted on his microblog photo, which shows he and the Pope.

      “It was an incredible moment to witness Pope Francis publishes his first photo to Instagram. Welcome to the community, “Instagram”! Your posts about humility, compassion and mercy will leave an indelible mark,” reported Kevin.

      I must say that many fans enthusiastically reacted to the fact that now the priest will be able to be closer to all people. Each photo is accompanied by numerous comments of followers.

      It is noteworthy that in recent years, many celebrities began to start microblogging. Moreover, doing not only young artists who are hungry for popularity and fame, but dear stars. Not so long ago Alla Pugacheva joined “Instagram”. Now Diva publishes your pictures, and also photos and videos of their children, Lisa and Harry. The surprise for many was the appearance in the social network Yevgeny Petrosyan and Vladimir Vinokur, which certainly pleased with all pochitatelei talent comedians.

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