Dustin Hoffman apologized to offended them Meryl Streep

Дастин Хоффман извинился перед обиженной им Мэрил Стрип
Colleagues didn’t believe the accusations against the actor.

Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep


Yes, for the following charges
the charges against Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner and several of the defendants
the biggest recent Hollywood scandal, a few complaints
received and on such a respected actor like Dustin Hoffman.

The first accuser Hoffman
was the writer Anna Graham hunter. She said that in 1985, when she was
only 17 years old and it worked
Intern on the set of the TV movie “death of a salesman,” Dustin hurt her as
at least, twice. First, as stated by hunter, he drove it into the paint
obscene joke in her address. And then, as she claims, allowed himself
frisky, Osipov the girl just below the back. Hoffman did not fully
to deny his guilt and apologized just in case. “I have always respected women and I’m dreadfully sorry,
I could put the lady in an awkward position. I’m sorry and I offer my
sorry…” said 80-year-old actor.

Soon, however, turned up a second accuser Hoffman. She became a colleague
Hunter – writer Wendy RISS Gatsiounis. She said that in the early 90s wanted to take
participation in the development of the script of one of the projects Hoffman. However, during
business meeting, Dustin allegedly asked whether she was engaged in sex in
a man over 40 and suggested she try going with him to the hotel. And when Wendy’s had rejected the offer, she refused to work. These
statements Hoffman has not yet responded.

But the third story has attracted much more attention than the two
first put together. It all started with the fact that the journalists have unearthed an old ( 1979 years) interview Meryl Streep. In the text it was argued that
the actress, after the first meeting,
called Hoffman’s “self-confident and
ill-mannered pig.” And the reason for this was described in the article scene.
“When I first saw him, he came up to me and introduced himself. “My name is
Dustin Hoffman!” and immediately put his hand on my chest…” However, the actress
said, that was not as described in the article. “But Dustin really hurt Meryl.
But he recently apologized for his behavior, and they were adopted!” —
said the representative Strip.

But colleagues of Hoffman did not want to believe the charges against
Dustin. Anyway, if Weinstein and Ratner, many openly
boycotting, when Hoffman arrived recently at the ceremony of awarding the honorary
Oscars, held in Los Angeles, his appearance on stage was greeted
a round of applause.