Alexander Nosik revealed the details of his divorce

Александр Носик раскрыл подробности своего развода
The actor candidly told why his marriage failed.

Married with Olga and I rushed to the airport — I was shooting

Photo: archive of A. the Spout

Alexander Nosik in interview to magazine “Caravan of stories”
openly talked about why he divorced his wife Olga. According to
man, they broke up peacefully and remain friends.

“We did not divide the property without going to water each other
mud — said Spout. — I do not understand and do not take when in such situations
begin to scold your ex. You chose this man, lived, loved,
shared the same bed. A quarrel, a showdown is in the past. Like many couples, we
swore so that the flying sparks. I’m an emotional person, impulsive and
explosive, sometimes just a bundle of nerves. This energy must be thrown out.
In the apartment sometimes even has traces fists: hitting the wall for me absolutely
okay. With Olga, we’re both leaders. Both are ambitious. Both the sin of pride
there. Such strong personalities under one roof is difficult to get along. In our case
nobody wanted to concede. Who first started talking about divorce already do not remember.
First, obviously, it was an argument in the debate: “I do Not like — let’s get a divorce”.
Often these words uttered Olya, probably, understood that only provokes.
I replied, “Look — see”. And then he said, “Not like —
come on.” Probably no one’s fault. Or both. But probably no one. It happens.”

Full version interview with the artist read in the new issue of the magazine “Caravan of stories”.