Duchess Catherine announced the period of her pregnancy

Герцогиня Кэтрин сообщила срок своей беременности
The wife of Prince William is absolutely confused reporters.

Герцогиня Кэтрин сообщила срок своей беременности

Kate Middleton


Kate Middleto

It became known when the legitimate
the wife of the heir to the throne will give birth to her third child. This was reported in the
the social network official representative of Kensington Palace: “the Duke and
the Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce that they are expecting a baby in
April 2018!” That is, currently, Katherine is only
the third month of pregnancy.

In principle, given the fact that the wife
Prince William’s noticeable yet not that “pregnant” belly, and only a hint
at him, surprised such a small time frame is not necessary. Surprisingly another: so that
the moment when it was made an official announcement that the Duchess “in
position”, that is, the fourth of September, her deadline was only a month or
a little more! But few of the mothers at risk
to announce her pregnancy before the third or fourth month! But
Catherine simply had no choice. Because of its pathological toxicity —
hypermesis gravidarum — she felt so bad that they could not leave
Palace and was forced to cancel all his public appearances.

However, the Duchess has become a bit
better because for the last week she has twice participated in
charity events. For the first time – in a Mental health Day. And
the second — at a charity event to benefit the children’s Fund of the Duchess,
where she danced with the actor dressed in the costume of the bear Paddington. However, its elegant,
as always, the outfits completely knocked
good reporters. The fact that the first time Catherine appeared in lace
dress of pale blue, which was perceived as a hint that she is expecting
boy. But her second outfit has refuted this assumption: after all, with the Teddy bear
Paddington she danced in soft pink! So in the end, reporters were
in complete bewilderment.