After the scandal with Anastasia Volochkova driver took the papers from daughters school

После скандала с водителем Анастасия Волочкова забрала документы дочки из школы
The ballerina has already picked up Ariadne for the new school.


Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova and her daughter Ariadna celebrated on Monday, the Day of knowledge. Daughter ballerina went for the first time in sixth grade. A belated “first of September” due to the fact that the successor of the former prima of the Bolshoi theatre once again changed the school. Ariadne with a “light hand” mom already three times changed school.

“Today is the Day of Knowledge. For the first time in sixth grade. We moved into a new gymnasium 1409. And today she came here the first day. I gladly came to pick her up. I do a lot of good I want to do for this school! — said Anastasia. — In the gymnasium 1409 us Kerry met with warmth and attention. It’s nice to be with those who loves and waits. And these people want to do good. I’m sure she will be happy here!”

Anastasia talked about the fact, why she had to pick up daughters from a previous school, but fans suspect that it’s the recent scandal Volochkova with her ex-driver. The big story of allegedly stolen from the ballerina and her millions taken into custody a former personal assistant, possibly, could affect the relationship of Ariadne with classmates. So I think fans of the stars. “The fourth school… Again to make new friends. Poor child, with such mother need not school change, and the country…” — wrote the detractors Anastasia.