EXCLUSIVE! Sergey Volchkov became a father for the second time

ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ! Сергей Волчков стал отцом во второй раз
The winner of “the Voice” commented on the happy event.

Sergey Volchkov with his wife Natalia Yakushkina

Sergey Volchkov became a father for the second time. Today the wife of the winner
“The voice” Natalia Yakushkina, one of the leaders of the festival “Kinotavr”, gave birth in
elite Moscow clinic a healthy baby girl weighing 3.1 kg and height 51 cm.

“I’m incredibly happy — shared with 7days.ru Volchkov. —
The baby name we chose in advance. Called the calendar — Pauline. Baby
repair had, the room was already decorated in girlish style for Junior
daughter Xenia. Friends ask what to get and I have already distributed all valuable advice!
(smiles) So soon everything will settle. Someone else’s hands! (laughs)”.

According to the artist, she was really waiting for
sister light. “Now she keeps asking when the Mix home
bring. Ksenia is waiting – not wait, when mum will need her help in
care sister, — says Sergey. — Truth helpers we will have
a lot. This, of course, our mom and nanny who has been with us for three
a half years. We have full confidence in her. She is always with us, even going on
relax, take it with you. Xenia in the nanny doted very attached to her. Have
our nanny has no medical or pedagogical education, but have a love for
children. And this is important. Thanks to her child
we have a very developed. And reads poems and sings songs, knows the numbers. She even figures
loves is her I passed”.

However, no matter how good nanny,
basic care care of the newborn will get to Natalia. Fortunately, for
spend time with the kids, she won’t have to leave in the decree, as
she mostly works remotely from home. Sergey will also be able to visit more often
at home, as this fall the concerts of the singer, mainly in Moscow and nearby regions.