“Drinking and infidelity”: Vladimir Presnyakov gave the mysteries of life with Christina Aguilera

«Пьянки и измены»: Владимир Пресняков выдал тайны жизни с Кристиной Орбакайте
The singer talked about what an important role in his breakup with his wife was played by Alla Pugacheva.

Vladimir Presnyakov

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “million dollar Secret”

Vladimir Presnyakov shared memories of family life with Christina Aguilera. Their marriage seemed from perfect, was actually far from it. The breakup with his first wife, which occurred in 1996, is still one of the most dramatic moments in the life of a performer.

Vladimir, did not hesitate admits his marriage ruined by the booze and infidelity. Aguilera has long suffered a “spree” of her husband, but once broke down and broke up with him. At the time she started her singing career. Favorite activity gave Christine forces. But Presnyakov, having learned about the decision to break up the couple fell into a serious depression.

“I let her go with incredible pain. Better a bullet to the stomach than that… I went to Church, sat there for hours. But nothing better to drink, I didn’t find…” said 49-year-old Vladimir in “million dollar Secret”.

The growing popularity of Aguilera, meanwhile, is hard to “beat” the ego of the singer, causing his relationship with Christina was really messed up. According to him, the return of understanding with his ex-wife later helped the mother — in-law Alla Pugacheva. Certainly, about any love not talking, but the former spouses were able to find a common language. Now, many years later, Presnyakov and communicate Aguilera warm and relaxed.

Vladimir, incidentally, also talked about the fact that the current wife — Natalia Podolsky has managed to fight off his craving to alcohol. Artists happy together for 12 years, seven of which are married.