Gavin Rossdale is Dating a 27-year-old model

Гевин Россдейл встречается с 27-летней моделью

Ex-husband of Gwen Stefani and father of her three sons, 51-year-old Gavin Rossdale is Dating a 27-year-old model Sophia Tomalley. About it reports the edition “Us Weekly”, citing insiders.

In a recent interview, the musician said that soon will not make novels, as it is not ready for them, and now focus solely on their children, however, recently has been spotted with German model in one of the restaurants Indinapolis.
The couple visited the Italian Garden of Italy, and eyewitnesses claim that it was not a business meeting, and what business can a womanizing musician with a pretty girl?
Recall that thirteen happy years of marriage, Gavin crossed himself, having an affair with the nanny, Gwen children Mandy. A year and a half, the man did not comment on the situation and only recently told about the breakup with the mother of his children.
“I didn’t want the divorce, but it happened. This is one of the most painful and difficult experiences in my life,” said Gavin.
Meanwhile, Gwen’s suffering and is in a wonderful romantic relationship with a colleague Blake Shelton, whom, they say, is preparing to marry.