SCANDAL: Vadim Kazachenko has hidden the wedding with Irina Amanti

СКАНДАЛ: Вадим Казаченко скрыл свадьбу с Ириной Аманти
The singer married her Director in the midst of a divorce with his ex-wife.

Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti

Photo: @irina_amantea Instagram Irina Amanti

As it became known, Vadim Kazachenko has used a “loophole” in the law and secretly married Irina Amanti. The artist until recently, did not advertise the event. But the other day I decided to tell you about the last wedding. A triumph, according to Vadim, it was modest. Now the artist is enjoying a honeymoon with Irina.

Spice this situation adds to the fact that a divorce case Kazachenko from a previous wife Olga will be reviewed in court. And it may well be that the decision on the recognition of his marriage with a young fan of the dummy will be cancelled. In this case, October will have two wives.

However, Olga does not build illusions to convince the court of justice. In addition to the claim for reconsideration of her divorce, she acts as a defendant in several lawsuits filed already by Vadim. Kozachenko in court order requires the former (now) wife’s multimillion-dollar compensation for moral damage.

At the meeting Olga comes with a young son whose father, in her words, is Kazachenko. By the way, she says that Vadim refuses to undergo a test to establish paternity. The singer declares that he has nothing against this procedure, but he allegedly no one offered to hold her.

“I have not seen a birth certificate, did not see the child. I’m not sure that I am his father. However, if the offer from the other side will follow, I as an adult would have found the strength to reach out and establish paternity!” assured Kazachenko in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.