"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Barbara Palvin

Cream with extracts of Cardiospermum and bruise ordinary, peeling of skin renewal with alpha hydroxy-acids, a new fragrance with notes of marshmallow, revitalizing serum with brown algae and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Lip balm, serum radiance balancing toner and moisturizer for oily skin Dr. Barbara Sturm (price on request)

Favorite beautician Victoria Beckham, Hailey Baldwin and Irina Shayk, Dr Barbara Sturm introduced several new tools for skin care products: Lip Balm, serum, radiance Brightening Serum, balancing toner and Balancing Toner for oily skin Clarifying Face Cream.

Colorless lip balm with Shea, avocado, coconut, cocoa and sunflower helps to restore dry and chapped lips.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Serum with an extract of sprouts of watercress reduces the synthesis of melanin and the formation of the pigment lipofuscin is also known as the “aging pigment”. Due to this, the complexion becomes noticeably smoother and a bit lighter. Hyaluronic acid in the formula provides intense hydration and ginseng extract supports the skin’s ability to withstand stress.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Nutrient toner restores pH level of skin and maintains its acid mantle — a thin layer of skin that protects us from viruses and bacteria. Beta glucan and panthenol soften and favorite active ingredient Barbara Sturm, purslane, activates its own protective functions.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

And last (but not least) new — anti-aging care for problem skin. Extracts Cardiospermum, bruise ordinary (it is a herbaceous plant, not a bruise, if that) and sunflower restore the barrier function of the skin. Zinc prevents the development of inflammation, and the extract of Polygonum snake radiance.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Protection from negative effects of sunlight UV Essentiel SPF 50, Chanel (price on request)

Ultraviolet radiation and polluted dry air, air conditioners, computers scientists scare us with the fact that in modern cities the first signs of aging can occur much earlier. No need to panic! New from Chanel promises to take care of the skin and protect it from dangerous solar rays and harsh environmental factors (SPF 50).

Extract of Kalanchoe pinnate, which is extracted from plants grown on Madagascar, and yeast extract desert cactus prevents DNA damage and helps skin resist oxidative stress.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

UV Essentiel also helps correct age spots and can easily be used as a primer under makeup. The skin is smooth and hydrated.

Cellulite cream Slim Logic Slimming Cream Guinot (4 980 RUB.)

More than 50 years, about 17 000 beauty salons in 75 countries used for beauty procedures means developed by the French Institute Guinot. This spring, the brand has expanded its line of cellulite — the cream Slim Logic. About the fact that a cosmetic victory in the battle against “orange peel” not to win, you probably already know, but help it will be good.

In its structure — delaportata II (this ingredient stimulates the activity of white and beige adipocytes, which actively burns fat), cellulitis (complex based on red algae prevents accumulation of fats), caffeine (helps to eliminate fat) and ivy extract (removes excess fluid).

Improvement (provided that you don’t have dinner rolls and at least sometimes visit fitness club), as promised by the creators of the cream can be seen after only a month.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Limited collection M. A. C x ELSEED (price on request)

M. A. C has introduced another cool collaboration. This time brand has given complete freedom of action and expression to create a collection of the world famous street-art artist and sculptor, El CID (eL Seed).

I’m looking for ideas in the space of his native city and in every district where they create their work. Calligraphy, which I say with the world, is words, full of deep meaning. This cross-cultural messages through the universe, by which I animate my chosen location for creativity

says El seed.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Growing up in the suburbs of Paris, El seed have embraced hip-hop and graffiti as a means of expression. At the age of 18 years he learned to read and write in Arabic and fell in love with Arabic cursive and calligraphy. His signature style is a mix of graffiti and classic calligraphy.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The collection includes four shades of lipstick, from black to cinnamon. For example, the shade of Maya named after the daughter of the artist, and Declaring Love is a reference to the sculpture, which you can find behind the Opera building in Dubai. One of the shades in the palette for eyes and face (Gabriella) is a tribute to the Brazilian poet Gabriela Torres Barbosa, whose works prompted by El CID to create calligraphy in a Brazilian favela. And creating a highlighter Dima”s Glow artist was inspired by his wife. The collection also includes a set of four brushes. Packaging collection made in the corporate colors of El CID — hot pink and black.

Mask film mask film Dragon mask, Enjoli (990 RUB.)

Young Moscow mark Enjoli introduced the “dragon” mask that will appeal not only to fans of “Game of thrones” (The Game Of Thrones). Pink fit for owners of oily and combination skin. It gently cleanses dead skin cells and excess sebum. It includes oily and combination of roses, which tightens pores and moisturizes and Lotus extract and vitamin F gives the skin elasticity and tone.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The blue mask — toning. Due to the complex extracts LegActif it stimulates circulation, helps fight against dark circles, swelling and bags under the eyes. Oily and combination neroli improves the complexion and cleanses the pores, essential grapefruit oil refreshes the skin, and vitamin E, which is considered the “youth vitamin”, activates oxygen metabolism in the cells.

Masks can be applied locally on the T-zone, on problem areas or all over face, avoiding eye area, lips and hairline. Then leave it for 25-40 minutes and carefully remove the formed film.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Limited aroma of Love Don t Be Shy Eau Fraiche, Kilian (21 500 RUB.)

Kilian Hennessy, founder and creative Director of the brand Kilian, I am sure that love is like a drug.
Fresh feelings are intoxicating and make a person reckless. We return to it again and again, even against their will. Real addiction

he says.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

He decided to return to his first Love flavor Don’t Be Shy and give it a new meaning. Kilian says that the song turned out so delicious, so its owner wants to literally take a bite. The creation of the Flanker was inspired by the aroma of marshmallow, Oriental pastries and sweets with a hint of rose petals from southern Europe.

The heart of Love Don t Be Shy Eau Fraiche — it notes of delicate flowers, the chords of Jasmine and rose petals, peony and freesia. The fragrance owes its freshness notes of neroli from North Africa and a distant relative, petitgrain and serenaide white musk.

Serum The Concentrate, La Mer (30 ml — 27 500 RUB.)

A powerful serum containing sverhkontsentratsiya the form of the elixir Miracle Broth soothes, strengthens, and bravely protects the skin from everyday irritants. His birth means obliged to Dr. max Huber. The aerospace physicist suffered burns in his laboratory ever since he started to look for a cure that would quickly restored the skin. So he created the Miracle Broth formula with brown algae, which today is based all products La Mer.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

So why is it so important to restore the skin? Modern science has come to the conclusion that long-term chronic inflammation of the skin is the main cause of symptoms of early signs of aging. Ultraviolet rays and free radicals can lead to the destruction of collagen, causing wrinkles. The Concentrate can be used as a soothing serum, and as a “liquid barrier” to protect the affected skin.

The Ultimate mascara for Sexy Lashes, Romanovamakeup (1 270 RUB.)

We have already managed to fall in love with sudovye lipstick pencil brand star make-up artist Olga Romanova. And now the founder Romanovamakeup presented his debut mascara. Due to the unusual brush in the form of balls of different sizes, which decrease from base to edge and also long bristles, Ultimate Sexy Lashes separates even the shortest lashes. It is not worse than curler curls and stand in all day.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

It’s soft plastic, so it can be easily applied in several layers in succession, not even allowing to dry, you get a very pronounced effect of false eyelashes.

The tool is presented in two volumes full (12 ml) and travel size (5 ml).

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The complex peeling with AHA – and BHA-acids and cream with Pro retinol a Perfectionist, Estee Lauder (price on request)

Retinalamine continues. Now the brand Estee Lauder presented the cream for fast recovery of the skin Perfectionist Pro with this trendy ingredient. Remedy with pure retinol virtually impossible promises to renew skin, make it smoother and even skin tone in just 28 days. The composition is also not without the ubiquitous hyaluronic acid that fills wrinkles, algae extract and vitamins E and C (they prevents the appearance of pigmentation).

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

As retinol is very sensitive to light and air, the new cream is Packed in a multilayer, light-resistant tube made of aluminum. It is better to start to apply product the day before going to sleep the first two weeks, and then you can move to daily use. And the main rule is to limit sun exposure and be sure to use cream with SPF.

The second new product from Estee Lauder this spring — exfoliation for skin renewal. Tool for home care contains a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (9,9% complex of glycolic, tartaric and citric acids), hyaluronic acid, and a soothing secret substance. As a salon peel, it tightens pores, makes the skin smooth, brightens and evens skin tone. But unpleasant “side effects” such as excessive redness or irritation, fortunately, will not.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The formula acts as an accelerator for serums and other care products for skin, quickly restoring skin cells, so other means are better absorbed.

Use the peeling is twice a week at bedtime: apply evenly on clean face, leave on for 10 minutes and wipe with a damp sponge and rinse with water. And, as in the case of retinol, you need to apply sunscreen and give up tanning.

Concealer and Foundation balm Power Fabric, Giorgio Armani (5 and 4 690 RUB 640 RUB.)

After two years since their launch Power High Cover Fabric Longwear Foundation collection, Power Fabric with two new tools: a concealer and Foundation balm.

The trick formula in volatile oils that evaporate one after the other during the day, leaving the face veil light toning and providing durability of the coating. In the case of using Foundation up to 16 hours and up to 12 when applying the compact balm.

"Драконьи" маски-пленки, тональный бальзам и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Just a couple drops of concealer can easily hide dark circles under the eyes, redness and even pigment spots, rosacea, capillaries and scars. Tone balm, and concealer also has a high concentration of stable pigments. Formula-transformer allows the means of balsam to become first in cream then in the powder, whereby the coating is velvety.

Gamma tint of the concealer consists of seven shades, and a balm includes 12 colors.

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