Бьюти-дайджест: от первого в России фемшопа до самой большой банки крема в мире

In Russia appeared first femshep, cosmetic company Mixit set a world record by creating the largest jar of body cream, anyone will be able to get a free diagnosis of melanoma — the action was attended by more than 1,400 dermatologists from 125 cities. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

In Russia opened its first femshep

Theatrical producers Ksenia and Polina Anikeeva Zaripova along with the film Director Yuri Kropachev has launched a brand called “Female” and opened Russia’s first femshep.
Whether you are sympathetic to the ideas of the equality of the woman, confident, feminist activist with experience or profeminist, we offer to make your views visible through different visual symbols (including non-verbal, which can be especially valuable to some of us), noted the creators of the project.

Бьюти-дайджест: от первого в России фемшопа до самой большой банки крема в мире

On the website you can buy thermopatch on clothing from Spanish artist Bicharraca in the form of the clitoris, mirrors of Venus, menstrual cups. All for 400 rubles.

Apparently, the most popular was the badge with the inscription Kinky Sex — in the store already took it all apart. But that’s not all: here you can buy Steerpike by Russian designers Nina Stadnik and Rodion Kitaev, shapery print from xuehka and educational books, slightly to tighten the theoretical basis.

The big jar of cream in the world: Russian brand Mixit got into the Guinness Book of records

On 22 April the Russian cosmetic company Mixit set a world record that will go down in the Guinness Book of records. The brand has made the big jar of body cream in the world, weighing 2622 2856 kilograms or litres, breaking the record of 2001 established the brand Nivea. To be fair, for fixing the record was guest judge for the Guinness World Record.

For the production of cream used the following ingredients: extracts of Arnica, calendula, chamomile and rose hips.

Бьюти-дайджест: от первого в России фемшопа до самой большой банки крема в мире

Fragrance shimmering body cream (New Record Cream) is reminiscent of a delicious, festive cake, as its release also marks the fifth anniversary of the company.

Your tasty “piece” you can grab on may 25. In this day Mixit will celebrate the birthday and give a shimmering body cream to visitors to a specially organized space in Gorky Park.


Russia will host the Day of diagnosis of melanoma

20 may with the support of the dermatological laboratories of La Roche-Posay in Russia in the 13th time will take place the Day of diagnosis of melanoma. The action was attended by more than 1,400 dermatologists from 125 Russian cities, which can be absolutely free to show off your moles with the aim of prevention and early detection one of the most dangerous malignant tumors — melanoma.

According to expert estimates, in Russia annually is diagnosed up to nine thousand new cases of melanoma. Statistics relentless: 40 percent of cases of melanoma of skin cannot save due to late detection in the early diagnosis of melanoma is treatable in 90 percent of cases.

Бьюти-дайджест: от первого в России фемшопа до самой большой банки крема в мире

Among the factors contributing to annual growth of morbidity, deterioration of the ecological situation and the increase in the permeability of the atmosphere to harmful UV rays, tanning hobby, refusal of funds from the SPF or the use of products with low factor sun protection and active use of the Solarium. La Roche-Posay for the past 12 years has paid special attention to raising public awareness about the importance of early diagnosis of melanoma and holds on to the shares. During the existence of the draft survey were more than 140 thousand people.

To register for a free diagnosis of moles can have up to 16 may on the website www.melanomaday.ru or by telephone toll-free hotline 8 800 2000 345.

Dunkin’ Donuts has released a lip balm with the scent of donuts, and they are just as delicious as you think

The American coffee chain Dunkin donuts’ Donuts introduced lip balms Donut Hole. Now, you can literally taste the signature confection on my lips all day.

Balms are sold in a tiny box and is packaged exactly the same as the famous doughnuts. It smells beauty-new vanilla marshmallows. I only wish that a set of two balms are only available in the United States.

Party cosmetic brands Bioderma and Institut Esthederm

On 24 April the French company Naos organized the event dedicated to the inauguration of a branch that unites cosmetic brands Bioderma and Institut Esthederm. Evaluate and test products, as well as participate in an immersive performance came Elena Krygina, Angelica Timonina, Ursula Kim, Ekaterina Kabak, Ekaterina Odintsova, Karina, Andolenko, Alisa Grebenshchikova, the Yasmina Muratovich, Kristina Shapovalova, Olga Ushakov, Konstantin Gaidai and many others.

All guests were able to have rapid consultation of a dermatologist, to relax in the Spa area Institut Esthederm, as well as to make a bright make have make-up artists Krygina Team.

During the evening the company Naos also presented the Russian Ambassador in ecobiology Adele Miftahova. Petrofizik (petrophysics is the science that studies the physics of rocks) by education, author of “Normally dry” Adele is not just testing new products, but tells about the ingredients and explains their action from a chemical point of view.

Бьюти-дайджест: от первого в России фемшопа до самой большой банки крема в мире

The special event was a public talk which was attended by practicing dermatologists with years of experience: David Sarkisov Igor Patrin and Carolina Bondarenko.

Clear has released a line of men’s dandruff shampoo with Marvel on the packaging

Ahead of the release of the long-awaited Marvel blockbuster “Avengers Finale” (Avengers: Endgame) brand Clear introduced a line of men’s shampoos against dandruff in an unusual package. Shampoo Clear Men “fresh Energy” with a picture of Thanos and warrior with lemon juice and green tea activates the natural protective layer against dandruff.

Clear Men Phytotechnology c image of the Hulk and Rocket raccoon is enriched with extracts of medicinal plants. Composed of Clear Men Ultimate Control with the image of Iron Man and Ant-Man — glycine, taurine, and Niacinamide, which promise to fight dandruff. All the shampoos are presented in packs of 200 ml and 400 ml.

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