Wanted: серия средств для жирной и комбинированной кожи, Weleda

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — makeup for oily and combination skin from Uriage. The collection includes the gel cleanser, mattifying fluid, SOS anti-imperfection concealer and local actions. The main component of the latest products is the willow bark that has anti-microbial and sebum-regulating action.

The company history began in 1921 with the establishment of a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden. It was founded by a Dutch doctor, an Austrian philosopher and a chemist and pharmacist from Munich. Dr. ITA vegman (1876-1943) opened the clinical and therapeutic Institute in arlesheim in Switzerland, where the treatment was used Anthroposophical homeopathic medicines. And chemist Oscar Smigel (1887-1959) worked together with Dr. Vegman and Rudolf Steiner studied chemistry at the University of Munich. They founded the company Weleda, which was named in honor of the prophetess, known to the ancient Germans and Romans.

In the first decade was developed by the classical products, which today are popular with clients Weleda: it’s a hair oil with rosemary, birch massage oil and pine bubble bath.

In 1926, the brand has released the cult moisturizing cream Skin Food — and to this day in the world every 23 seconds sold one tube of this tool and a list of its star of fans more like the list of nominees on “Oscar”. This spring, the brand introduced a new line of products for oily and combination skin, which also has all chances to become a bestseller.

The line consists of four products with willow bark extract: foaming cleanser, mattifying fluid concealer local actions and SOS-tools against acne.

Purifying gel cleanser (860 rubles).

Gel gently cleanses the skin and eliminates excess sebum, thus preventing the emergence of new contaminants. Thanks to the extract of witch hazel tighten pores, tones the skin and prevents inflammation.

Extracts of licorice root and willow bark have antibacterial and soothing effect. The novelty can be used for removing makeup, but that’s the area around the eyes should be avoided.

Wanted: серия средств для жирной и комбинированной кожи, Weleda

Mattifying fluid (1 090 rbl.)

Is a tool that can easily replace Foundation, contains oil babassu and jojoba oil. They are responsible for moisturizing oily and combination skin, and also help the cells to maintain water balance and control the production of sebum.

In addition, the fluid protects against inflammation thanks to the antibacterial effect of extracts of willow bark and licorice root. Another important ingredient remedies — witch hazel extract — tightens pores, evens skin tone and improves skin texture.

Wanted: серия средств для жирной и комбинированной кожи, Weleda

SOS-remedy for local skin imperfections (1 090 rbl.)

In the composition — the same cocktail of extracts of willow bark, licorice root and witch hazel and sulphur. The last ingredient has a strong sebum-regulating action. Need to apply point, it promises to quickly relieve redness, and even to treat spots after acne.

Wanted: серия средств для жирной и комбинированной кожи, Weleda

Concealer local actions (1 090 rbl.)

In the composition of this medium consists of mineral pigments that meet the requirements of the NaTrue for natural and organic cosmetics. These pigments quickly hide local imperfections by masking them as well as dense concealer.

Extracts of willow bark and licorice root have strong antibacterial effect. In combination with witch hazel extract they protect the skin from impurities and reduce redness.

Wanted: серия средств для жирной и комбинированной кожи, Weleda

All new fragrant Mimosa and hints of white tea.

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