Doctors reported a sharp deterioration of Oleg Tabakov

Врачи сообщили о резком ухудшении состояния Олега Табакова According to some, the actor may refuse the brain. The doctors treating his apostles, saying that he started having seizures. Over a long period of time the artist is in the hospital.

About three months the doctors fight for life of Oleg Tabakov. The head of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov was in the hospital in serious condition. According to some, he passed an examination. But then came the information that the artist has severe pneumonia. To reduce the load on the bodies of the artist, it entered into an artificial coma. Now, doctors of the city clinical hospital No. 1 reported a sharp deterioration in the health of Tabakov.

According to the anesthesiologist of the medical institution, they support a deep state of sedation. Experts give a disappointing forecasts. Physicians believe that the brain of the Director can refuse.

Some time ago representatives of the Moscow art theatre were talking about the imminent return of the head to work. According to them, the actor was even much better. It was reported that tobacco was able to walk around the ward and to develop muscles. Colleagues of Oleg Pavlovich was hoping in February or March, he will again be performing on stage.

Relatives Tabakov regularly visit it. Fans of Oleg Pavlovich and I wish him a speedy recovery and write words of support on the pages of theatre in social networks. The doctors claimed that the actor has launched some of its diseases. In mid-September, Oleg Pavlovich participated in productions through the pain. Before one of the performances he became ill. Ambulance workers arrived on the call, urged the theatre to cancel the show and rest. After the injection of pain medication the actor out to the audience.

As reported by telegram channel 112, Tabakov does not stop seizures. State of the artist called extremely heavy. Previously wrote that Oleg Pavlovich had surgery. Friends of the artist trying not to make any comments about his health.

By the way, the eldest son of Anton Tabakov recently faced with difficulties of a different nature. He had to close restaurants in Moscow, as it almost never happens in the capital. His wife and children are in France. “The family resides in France.Seven years ago bought an apartment here. His wife and daughter moved immediately, and I was constantly shuttled back and forth. Recently, however, I’m in Moscow less, and to monitor the Affairs of the restaurant business at a distance difficult. Yes, and other reasons found”, – shared tobacco with “StarHit”, explaining why he decided to say goodbye to the business.Anton Tabakov has closed the restaurants in Moscow