Maria Kozhevnikova has justified before fans for extra pounds

Мария Кожевникова оправдалась перед поклонниками за лишние килограммы
The actress is confident, happy woman is beautiful at any weight.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Maria Kozhevnikov after the solemn ceremony of awarding the national
cinematic film award “Golden eagle”, many netizens
discussed in social networks. The reason was the figure of the actress — according to
Internet users, Masha still did not come in shape after childbirth.

The star decided to comment on changes in its
the figure, which occurred after the birth of her third son. “I have not come to their
welcome to 53 pounds, I still decided to be grateful to my body for
sons and to accentuate it! — said Maria in a personal microblogging. — The woman in
any weight is fine if she is happy!”In response, fans of the actress
broke numerous compliments. “Mary, you beauty! You do not need
thin! Everything is great!”— they wrote. A positive review was so
much that after some time, the actress wrote to fans response. «Surrender! —
she said. — You have convinced me! I am beautiful, but losing weight will not for aesthetics, but
for physical comfort, you must agree, everyone has their own cherished numbers
on the scales.»

Recall, Kozhevnikova admitted that after each
birth she has had problems with excess weight. This time during interesting
position she scored “only” 27 pounds.

“The third pregnancy I gained less than the previous
two, and this was highly noticeable! she said. — Plus
27 vs plus 40 kg.
How? Why? I really wish to reveal to you this secret, but it is not there.
The same diet, life style and emotional state. Yes, and my son was born
small, only 4 kg.
Yes, for me it’s “only” as the first two weighed 4600 g. This is a huge difference
for natural childbirth. In General, this time the boy felt sorry for the mother. Passed
more than a month after the birth of my son, but I have 13 extra pounds, and I gradually
going to rebound, despite the fact that don’t fit in their clothes. It,
by the way, the most important incentive!!! Clothes hanging, and wear can’t Bidnenko!
But even despite this, I love your body and create stress,
slimming more than 5 kg
in a month, I will not! This photo may not be the most successful by the standards
Instagram, but I post it to support women who came out from the hospital
models 90-60-90, as is customary on this resource!»